Orange Business Services: Smart Tracking on Wirepas based Massive IoT


Finnish IoT developer Wirepas announces its cooperation with B2B IT services provider Orange Business Services (OBS). The basis of the cooperation is the integration of OBS into the Finns’ Massive IoT network. The technical solution is intended to enable the collection and maintenance of thousands of end devices in the shortest possible time.

Orange Business Services: global digital enabler

Orange Business Services helps companies implement, connect and secure digital infrastructures. Whether it is mobile, multicloud services, artificial intelligence or cybersecurity, the company can serve the entire digital data chain with its services. The OBS Group division always guarantees its customers a fully comprehensive end-to-end protection of their data, from generation and transmission to storage, analysis and optimization.

Wirepas: Democratizer of the IoT

The Finnish IT company has set itself the task of opening up the Internet of Things (IoT) to all companies. To this end, it is striving for an infrastructure that can realize interference-free connections. This is made possible by the proprietary IoT software, which is able to create decentralized, massive and scalable applications for networks. With this service, it is possible for any business operator in the world to install and operate their own self-sufficient systems without the need to bring in third parties. External operators, third-party structures and other distributors become superfluous, and all this at a much lower cost than before. Currently, this technological innovation is being used primarily in the areas of smart factories and real estate, as well as networked measurement and tracking. The highlight of this development to date has been the integration of 920,000 end devices in just one IoT network. The technology is already being used successfully in countries such as Australia, the USA, Germany, France, Finland, India and South Korea.

OBS and Wirepas: Better overview and more security

Wirepas supports and helps extend Orange Business Services’ existing intelligent tracking of devices. Its mesh-based Wirepass Massive connectivity solution enables customers to deploy networks without disrupting ongoing operations. The infrastructure-less and cable-free system can be set up within a day and theoretically provide an unlimited number of device ports and surfaces. This means that very large, tightly meshed and expandable networks can be established.

In the case of OBS, for example, this means creating a low-effort and efficient way to monitor and maintain countless indoor objects. Whenever an object connects to or disconnects from the network, a real-time alert is generated to provide information about this event. Thousands of network components can thus be closely monitored for location and operation in a very short time.

The Finns’ connectivity software also makes the use of smart tracking technology possible in more and more areas. In addition to already proven areas of application, such as intelligent facility management or smart factories, the innovation is also finding its way into increasingly demanding segments. These include healthcare and the security of museum inventories.

Wirepas Massive IoT: Simple, fast, powerful

Users of this solution benefit from the comparatively simple installation and maintenance of the Wirepas system. Hardware and software solutions oriented and tailored to customer needs can be implemented in a very short time with the IoT developer’s partners.

The results are impressive and, above all, measurable: resources in terms of production equipment and time are constantly being made more efficient with the information gained here, which creates room for innovation.

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