Modernized parking garages enrich cityscape


Downtown parking garages shine in new splendor thanks to IoT refurbishment. The smart infrastructure optimizes parking space use and promotes traffic efficiency. Real-time data enables motorists to shorten their search for parking spaces and avoid traffic jams. The renovation also includes sustainable energy-saving measures, making the parking facilities more environmentally friendly. The successful implementation of IoT in parking garages serves as a model for other urban modernization projects.

Massenbergstrasse parking garage reopened

In Bochum, the refurbishment work on the city center parking garages was successfully completed after intensive work. Bochum Wirtschaftsentwicklung (BoWE) successfully completed the project on time and within budget. With the reopening of the Massenbergstrasse parking garage, city parking in Bochum is now optimally equipped to meet future requirements. Park visitors can benefit from the modernized facilities and improved services.

Long modernization of a parking garage

In 2017, the first refurbishment phase was launched with the P2 Dr.-Ruer-Platz parking garage, followed by a six-year modernization period for the P1 under Husemannplatz and the Massenbergstraße parking garage. The main objectives were to create a bright, modern environment and integrate state-of-the-art technologies. Today’s reopening of the Massenbergstraße parking garage marks the successful completion of this ambitious project and represents an important step toward advanced infrastructure and user comfort.

Increasing efficiency through targeted investments

Due to significant wear and tear on the 1960s parking garages, including salt, a costly refurbishment became unavoidable. BoWE overcame this challenge through thorough planning and implementation, resulting in the successful completion of the refurbishment within budget.

Parking garage of the future: technology revolution launched

Modernization has taken the parking area to a new level to provide visitors with a pleasant parking experience. One of the most notable new features is automatic license plate recognition, which ensures smooth entry and exit. The introduction of electronic parking guidance systems with light signs allows customers to find available parking spaces in real time. Pictograms have also been specifically placed to provide clear orientation for all visitors.

Sustainable mobility: parking garage sets standards

Another focus of the modernization was the promotion of electromobility. In close cooperation with the municipal utilities, the parking garages of Bochum Wirtschaftsentwicklung received a total of 55 charging points – a fourfold increase compared to 2017. The P1/Husemannplatz parking garage in particular stands out with the highest number of available charging stations for electric cars.

Trend-setting parking garage offers convenience

Bochum Economic Development (BoWE) has taken a significant step toward sustainable mobility with the successful refurbishment of the city center parking garages. The introduction of a modern and digital parking experience has met with a positive response from customers, while the promotion of electric mobility is contributing to a more environmentally friendly urban development. However, managing the more than 3700 parking spaces in the inner-city network remains a challenging task. With the upcoming additions of the Husemann Karree parking garage and P7/Kurt-Schuhmacher-Platz, BoWE will be able to significantly increase its capacity for parking and charging stations for e-cars. The successful completion of the redevelopment measures shows that Bochum is on a promising path to meeting the requirements of modern, environmentally conscious and customer-friendly parking management.

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