Pfizer plant in Freiburg reduces energy consumption by 40 % thanks to Siemens technology


Siemens’ pioneering technology and services have turned Pfizer’s new high containment plant in Freiburg, Germany, into a showcase facility that sets the standard for modernity and sustainability. The innovative containment concept, monitored and controlled by Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, resulted in a remarkable 40 % reduction in energy consumption for environmental control compared to conventional plants.

Increasing safety for employees when handling highly active substances

Pfizer’s high containment facility uses the containment concept to ensure the safe production of drugs with highly active ingredients. Siemens Building Services ensures ideal production conditions, maximum safety for employees and increased efficiency by monitoring and controlling trades such as energy distribution, ventilation, air conditioning and heating. Thanks to this innovative approach, employees can produce OEB4 drugs while wearing only OEB3 protective clothing, resulting in smooth operations and optimal results.

Holistic control: combining building and production data intelligently

Desigo CC is a powerful building management platform that enables comprehensive integration of building and production data. It facilitates communication and collaboration between different systems and devices and automates processes efficiently. By intelligently networking and visualising data, Desigo CC can help production facilities reduce their energy consumption by around 40 % by precisely regulating climate control in individual zones.

Innovative service offering: Siemens Xcelerator uses data analysis

With Building Services, Siemens Xcelerator provides an open digital business platform that supports companies in their digital transformation. By implementing data-driven service programmes, Building Services enables efficient operation and maintenance optimisation of buildings to create added value for companies in various sectors such as industry, buildings, networks and mobility.

The new Pfizer plant in Freiburg is a pioneering pharmaceutical production facility that impresses with its intelligent integration of technology and services. The facility sets new standards in efficiency, sustainability and competitiveness by enabling accelerated production, improved flexibility and increased competitive advantages for Pfizer.

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