Phoenix Contact: configurable solution based on PLCnext Technology


Phoenix Contact is one of the renowned companies in the fields of electrification, digitalization as well as in networking. The company offers IoT solutions that are configurable for specific industries. Recently, new safety concepts have been available to companies of all kinds. These are based on the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). This combines and evaluates data from IT as well as OT (Operational Technology). This results in significantly higher security, because numerous attacks on IT now occur via the OT.

The solution is PLCnext

Phoenix Contact has developed the so-called Data Collection Box for these purposes. As the name suggests, this technology is used to collect data from sensors as well as from different bus systems. This makes it possible to transfer and save the collected data to any system.

Thanks to the innovative PLCnext Technology, data can be collected in real time and easily transferred to other systems. This new technology not only provides users with an increased level of safety, but it also allows for easy configuration.

More safety thanks to PLCnext

Phoenix Contact has developed a solution that can bring increased safety in many areas. The IoT already provides a secure infrastructure. However, as applications become more complex, multiple systems sometimes need to communicate and exchange data. To ensure that this function cannot represent a security gap, Phoenix Contact has developed PLCnext. In simplified terms, it represents an interface between the OT and the IT. In addition, various IoT systems can be coupled without any vulnerabilities arising in the area of security.

The actual core of such a solution is the Secure Edge Box. This is an industrial computer that runs a Linux operating system. Therefore, it can be configured as desired. This controls the complete ecosystem of PLCnext Technology.

It collects data from up to 50 Data Collection Boxes and evaluates them. Due to the high performance as well as the 128 GB SSD hard disk, the data of several weeks can be stored and kept particularly safe. PLCnext Technology therefore offers a very good solution for considerable data security in many industrial areas.

Phoenix Contact collaborates with Kinetos Solutions

For some time now, the well-known company Phoenix Contact has been working closely with the German company Kinetos Solutions. This company is known for the development of fast charging columns for electric vehicles, as well as for all charging technology.

It is therefore an industry that has a promising future ahead of it. Since safety is also of crucial importance in this field, the cooperation with Phoenix Contact comes in handy for the company Kinetos Solutions. Meanwhile, both groups are planning to develop an optimized infrastructure for charging columns and wallboxes. PLCnext Technology offers a promising solution.

Regarding charging technology in the field of e-mobility, many challenges still need to be overcome. On the one hand, it is a matter of cushioning demand peaks. On the other hand, charging processes must always be accurately recorded. Thanks to the cooperation between Phoenix Contact and Kinetos Solutions and the development of PLCnext Technology, a huge leap has already been made in this area.

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