High performance in demanding conditions: PicoSYS 2513 Embedded PC with Dual CAN Bus and Extended Temperature Range


As a leading provider of embedded computing solutions, ICO Innovative Computer GmbH proudly presents the PicoSYS 2513, its latest embedded PC. This rugged device has been specifically designed for use in industrial environments and offers high reliability as well as efficient performance. With its fanless and compact design, the PicoSYS 2513 enables companies to achieve optimal performance even under extreme conditions while saving space.

Highest performance and reliability thanks to modern hardware technology

The PicoSYS 2513 is a powerful embedded box PC designed specifically for businesses. Powered by an Intel® Atom™ E3845 processor with a clock speed of 1.91 GHz, it offers solid performance and reliability. With 4GB of RAM, it allows applications to run efficiently and ensures a smooth working environment. The PicoSYS 2513 is equipped with 128GB of SSD capacity to provide ample storage for important data and applications, helping businesses to operate effectively.

Flexibility and efficiency: Multiple connectivity for data transfers

The PicoSYS 2513 impresses with its extensive connectivity options. Thanks to the two Gigabit LAN ports, you can establish the fastest and most reliable network connections. In addition, three USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.2 Gen 1 port are available to ensure efficient data transfer.

This PC system has been equipped with comprehensive interfaces to enable versatile connectivity. It has three RS232-capable serial interfaces that ensure reliable communication with external devices. In addition, the system offers two CAN bus ports specifically designed for vehicle applications and industrial control systems. A Mini PCIe slot is available to install additional expansion cards and customise the system’s functionality as needed. A SIM slot enables wireless communication options, while the two graphics ports (VGA and DVI-D) allow straightforward connection to various display devices to show content in high quality and with optimal compatibility.

Reliability under extreme conditions: Robust solutions for demanding environments

The PicoSYS 2513 is a powerful and versatile embedded PC that operates reliably even under extreme conditions. Its extended temperature range of -40°C to 70°C makes it ideal for applications in extreme temperature environments. The fanless design of the PicoSYS 2513 ensures silent operation, eliminating any interference from noise. With its compact dimensions (256x182x68 mm) and wall-mounting option, the PicoSYS 2513 offers maximum flexibility for integration in various scenarios, whether in automation, the Internet of Things (IoT) or other embedded applications.

Increased efficiency through adaptability and flexibility: The decisive advantages for embedded systems

The PicoSYS 2513 is a powerful embedded PC that offers businesses a wide range of operating system options, including Linux and Windows 10 Pro/IOT. This allows companies to select the software environment that best suits their needs and integrate seamlessly with their existing infrastructure. In addition, ICO offers the option to customise the PicoSYS 2513 in their own manufacturing facility. Companies can order in small quantities and specify specific hardware, software or interface requirements to get a customised solution that meets their unique needs.

Mastering demanding environments: reliable embedded technology for industry

The PicoSYS 2513 Embedded PC from ICO Innovative Computer GmbH is a reliable and future-proof solution for companies operating in demanding industrial environments. With its fanless cooling, extended shock and vibration resistance and long service life, it enables smooth and continuous operation even in harsh environments. It also offers companies the opportunity to implement modern Industry 4.0 applications and benefit from the advantages of digitalisation.

The PicoSYS 2513 is a reliable embedded system that helps companies to optimise their work processes efficiently. With its powerful hardware, the system offers high computing power and enables fast data processing and analysis. Thanks to its multiple connectivity options, companies can seamlessly access different devices and systems and exchange information. What’s more, the PicoSYS 2513 is designed to operate in extended temperature ranges, which means it will perform reliably even in extreme conditions. The fanless and compact design also ensures a silent working environment where employees can concentrate optimally and work effectively.

Future-proof and scalable: The PicoSYS 2513 offers companies the opportunity to future-proof their embedded systems. The system is scalable and can adapt to changing requirements and growth. Companies can use the PicoSYS 2513 for the long term and easily expand it as needed without having to replace their entire embedded infrastructure.

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