Space-saving PLC-Interface with customizable triggering characteristics


The PLC-Interface from Phoenix Contact offers a space-saving solution for electrical cabinets by combining a relay interface and an electronic circuit breaker in a device with a width of only 6.2 mm. This eliminates the need for additional components and reduces the complexity of wiring, resulting in a more efficient use of valuable space in the cabinet without compromising functionality.

DIP switches enable easy and individual configuration of current and shutdown behavior

The PLC-Interface from Phoenix Contact features DIP switches that allow for easy and individual configuration of the rated current and shutdown behavior. This enables the selection of different trigger characteristics such as the “Fuse mode” (shutdown after overcurrent) or the “Hiccup mode” (cyclic self-restart attempt). The trigger thresholds can also be adjusted in 1 A increments from 1 to 6 A. With this flexible configuration, the PLC-Interface can be optimally adapted to the needs of the application.

Efficient Channel Overload Protection with Remote Signaling and Diagnostics

The physical overload shutdown of a channel is not only visually indicated, but also communicated remotely, allowing potential problems to be quickly identified and resolved. Additionally, there is an active diagnostic output that provides reliable status information to the supervisory control system. This enables the early detection of potential disruptions and the implementation of appropriate measures.

PLC-Interface: Streamlined Wiring and Versatile Compatibility for Any Application

The PLC-Interface from Phoenix Contact provides a wide range of accessories, bridging options, and system wiring solutions. This reduces wiring effort and enables quick installation. Furthermore, the PLC-Interface is fully compatible and can be easily integrated and expanded into existing installations. This high level of flexibility allows for its use in almost any application.

The PLC-Interface from Phoenix Contact offers a range of benefits for switchgear technology. By combining a relay interface and electronic circuit breaker, it saves valuable space in the switchgear and allows for individual configuration for optimal trip characteristics. With reliable overload shutdown and status notification, as well as reduced wiring effort and easy system integration, the PLC-Interface is a versatile solution for almost any application.

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