PLUME: Patent for real-time emission measurement on passenger cars


The company TUGA Innovations, which is particularly active in the field of electromobility, has filed a new patent. It is about a new technology that allows to measure emissions from internal combustion engines in real time. The actual developers of the PLUME technology are Francisca Cunha as well as Sofia Pereira. They have entered into a business relationship with TUGA Innovations and have thus found a well-known contractual partner. TUGA has recognized the potential and assumes that there will be numerous demands for this new technology in the future. In addition, the company plans to use this new technology itself.

What makes PLUME technology so special?

The special feature is that emissions from all types of combustion engines can be determined in real time. This is extremely advantageous in that the exhaust gas values stated by the manufacturer are usually only based on calculations. These often differ greatly from the actual measured values. In addition, completely different conditions prevail in real operation than in pure test operation. Another feature is that the data obtained can be visualized using augmented reality tools. This makes them much easier to visualize.

TUGA has high hopes for PLUME

It was TUGA that encouraged the two developers to patent their new PLUME technology. The intention behind this is to strengthen digital mobility technology. If the mostly invisible emissions of combustion engines are recorded and visualized in real time, skeptics are more likely to be convinced to switch to alternative drive concepts.

The entire TUGA project has been designed from the outset to make mobility more environmentally friendly. The small electric vehicles produced so far are a good solution for urban traffic and will continue to gain in importance in the future.

PLUME technology in TUGA electric vehicles

The innovative electric vehicles of this manufacturer are equipped as standard with an interesting function for the analysis of particles and emissions. Although the vehicles’ electric drives do not emit any emissions that are harmful to the environment, an analysis still takes place in real time. This allows the driver to see what conditions they are driving in. This function can be very important for many people.

In any case, TUGA believes that the new possibilities of real-time emissions analysis can contribute to greater sustainability and environmental protection. In addition, the environmental data can be used to plan an optimal route. The vision of the future is that cost-effective mobility and environmental protection no longer have to be opposites. New concepts with modern technology make it possible. That is why the executives at TUGA Innovations are full of enthusiasm for the development of PLUME.

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