PPC-Landis-Gyr – registering power measurement via smart metering systems


There is a regulation according to which a registering power measurement is mandatory for an electricity consumption of more than 100,000 kW/h per year. Registering power measurement is often referred to as RLM because it makes this long term easier to pronounce. Therefore, the company Landis+Gyr has developed smart metering systems in close cooperation with PPC.

This creates a standard RLM metering team, so to speak, consisting of PPC’s smart meter gateway and Landys+Gyr’s E660G RLM meter. The question is, of course, who benefits from PPC-Landys-Gyr and what are they? A brief explanation follows.

Special advantages of PPC-Landis-Gyr

The cooperation between these two companies is to simplify intelligent measurements in the field of registering power measurements. By doing so, they hope to open up additional areas of operation. But just as crucially, Landis+Gyr’s collaboration with PPC offers an increase in safety. The systems will be optimized to withstand cyber attacks of all kinds. This is hugely important to prevent criminals from using smart metering systems to penetrate companies’ data structures.

Cybercrime is continuously on the rise. Since companies’ data is now mostly very well protected, criminals are trying to penetrate the systems in other ways. The biggest vulnerabilities in any company are in the smart home as well as the smart building area. In the case of large companies, this is then compounded by smart metering gateways. However, smart metering systems for recording power measurement from PPC-Landis-Gyr are very well protected. Therefore, both companies and network operators benefit from the development of PPC-Landis-Gyr.

Further development steps are planned

Landis+Gyr’s advanced RLM meters combined with PPC’s gateway are already a huge step forward in smart metering. But the planning goes even further. It is planned to connect a wireless connection of several meters to one gateway. For this purpose, the 1:network, pronounced one to network, is to be used. For very large companies, this modern technology naturally offers even more possibilities in the field of smart metering.

In addition, an even closer cooperation between Landis+Gyr and PPC is planned, so that this new technology in the field of registering power measurement becomes established as a standard. This could result in even more benefits.

More about Landis+Gyr

This is a global company that has been involved in the development of intelligent energy management solutions for quite some time. Das vorrangige Ziel dieses Unternehmens besteht darin, Lösungen für Verbraucher zu finden, mit denen sie mehr Energie einsparen können. Es wird ein umfangreiches Angebot, das aus Sensortechnik, Software und die dazu gehörenden Dienstleistungen besteht, angeboten. Die Ergebnisse des Unternehmens können sich sehen lassen. So wurden allein im Geschäftsjahr 2021 bereits mehr als 9 Millionen Tonnen CO2 vermieden. By 2030, Landis+Gyr even aims to operate in a completely climate-neutral manner.

Thanks to the cooperation with PPC, other companies should also succeed in saving large amounts of energy. This not only saves costs, but also reduces the burden on the environment. This means that PPC-Landis-Gyr offers interesting technical innovations that can be of importance to all larger companies with high energy consumption.

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