Explore the Latest Trends in Smart Home and Building Technology


The Smart Home & Building Practice Forum, organized by the SmartHome Initiative Germany, will take place on June 5, 2024, at the Education and Technology Center of the Berlin Chamber of Crafts. This cross-industry dialogue platform provides a unique opportunity to explore current developments and trends in the field of Smart Home and Smart Building. Participants can gain valuable insights into the latest advancements and network with experts from various sectors.

Get connected and gain insights at the Smart Home & Building Forum

The Praxisforum Smart Home & Building kicks off with an informal networking event on the evening prior, providing participants with the opportunity to establish initial connections. On June 5th, leading experts from various sectors will come together to share their practical experiences. Panel discussions will actively involve the audience, fostering a lively and productive dialogue on key topics such as energy management, artificial intelligence, security technologies, and ambient assisted living (AAL).

The Praxisforum Smart Home & Building provides participants with the opportunity to gain up-to-date expertise and knowledge, as well as a platform for networking and exchanging ideas. It serves as a unique opportunity for all attendees to expand their professional network and benefit from the experiences of industry-leading experts.

Participants can secure their tickets for the Praxisforum Smart Home & Building by visiting the SmartHome Deutschland website and accessing the ticket shop. Due to the limited number of seats available, it is advisable to book early. Interested individuals can also find additional information, a preliminary agenda, and access to the ticket shop on the website: https://www.smarthome-deutschland.de/praxisforum-smarthome-and-building.html

The SmartHome Initiative Germany cordially invites participants to join the Praxisforum and looks forward to welcoming a diverse range of stakeholders and enthusiasts from the Smart Home and Building industry in Berlin. Media representatives are also invited to attend this groundbreaking forum. Press accreditations can be requested via email from Desiree Schneider at ds@smarthome-deutschland.de. Accreditation grants access to all event areas as well as the opportunity to conduct interviews with leading experts and practitioners.

The Smart Home & Building 2024 practical forum is a two-day event starting on June 4, 2024, with a networking session at 6:30 pm. The main forum will take place on June 5, starting at 9 am. This event provides an opportunity for industry professionals to gather and discuss current trends and developments in the Smart Home and Building sector. For more information and to book tickets, please visit the website: https://www.smarthome-deutschland.de/praxisforum-smarthome-and-building.html

Gain insights into current trends and developments in Smart Home and Building

The Smart Home & Building Practical Forum provides participants with a comprehensive overview of current developments and trends in the Smart Home and Building industry. This event not only allows for the acquisition of up-to-date expertise, but also promotes exchange and networking among experts from various sectors. With esteemed speakers and a variety of discussions, the Practical Forum provides an inspiring platform for lively and productive dialogue. Additionally, media representatives have the opportunity to interview leading experts and practitioners and report on the latest innovations in the industry. The Smart Home & Building Practical Forum is an essential event for all Smart Home and Building enthusiasts and makes a valuable contribution to the industry’s advancement.

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