Cutting-Edge Gas Analysis: Introducing PST Ldmox


The Ldmox, presented by PST Ldetek, is a cutting-edge moisture and oxygen analyzer of the next generation, offering groundbreaking solutions for gas analysis. By combining two advanced technologies – the quartz crystal sensor from Michell Instruments and the Senz-Tx series (electrochemical/zirconium dioxide) from NTRON – into a compact device, the Ldmox sets new standards in accuracy and reliability of measurement results. With a multitude of impressive features and technical specifications, this analyzer opens up numerous benefits for various applications.

Compact Size for Optimal Efficiency in Gas Analysis

The Ldmox redefines gas analysis, offering an impressive combination of precision and compactness. With dimensions of just 285.8 mm x 158 mm x 112 mm (LxWxH) and a weight of 4.5 kg, this analyzer is the most compact solution for precise measurement of trace humidity and oxygen in gases on the market. Ist small size allows for seamless integration into a variety of applications, including industrial plants, laboratories, and environmental monitoring systems. The Ldmox sets new standards for versatility and performance in gas analysis.

Swift and Accurate Results for Precise Analysis

The Ldmox, a combined moisture and oxygen analyzer, stands out for ist remarkable accuracy and speed in measurements. With a reaction time of less than 10 seconds for oxygen traces and less than 5 minutes for moisture traces, it delivers highly reliable and rapid results. These outstanding features make the Ldmox an indispensable solution for critical processes and situations where quick and precise gas analysis is of paramount importance.

LDmox: A Versatile and Flexible Gas Analyzer

The Ldmox excels in gas analysis with ist ability to precisely measure sample gases within a wide temperature range from 0 °C to 100 °C. Operating efficiently between 5 °C and 45 °C, it adapts to various environmental conditions. With an impressive accuracy of < +/- [insert accuracy value], the Ldmox ensures reliable measurement results for diverse applications, spanning industries, research, and environmental monitoring. Ist flexibility in temperature measurement makes it a versatile tool for different sectors.

Reliable sensor technologies ensuring precise measurements

The sensors of the Ldmox, including the Senz-TX oxygen sensor and the QMA humidity sensor, stand out for their remarkable reliability and accuracy. Particularly noteworthy is the Ntron zirconium dioxide oxygen sensor, which boasts an unlimited lifespan without calibration loss, providing an expected lifetime of over 5 years. The Senz-TX sensors, on the other hand, impress with their exceptional responsiveness, allowing for precise measurements within an impressive range from 1 ppm to 96% oxygen concentration.

Cost-effective and Low-maintenance Solution for Businesses

Thanks to the stable sensor technologies, the Ldmox offers an exceptionally cost-effective gas analysis solution. Requiring calibration only once a year results in significant cost savings. The zirconium dioxide oxygen sensor consumes a mere 100 ml/min of sample gas, further reducing operating expenses. The low maintenance requirements and impressive sensor lifespan ensure a reliable and long-term utilization of the analyzer. The Ldmox presents companies with a sustainable and economically viable solution for precise gas analysis.

LDmox: Compact Precision for Precise Gas Analysis

The LDmox by PST LDetek is an outstanding moisture and oxygen analyzer that takes gas analysis to a new level. With its compact size, precise measurement results, flexible applications, and reliable sensor technologies, it is the ideal solution for various industries and uses. From industrial processes to research and development labs and environmental monitoring, the LDmox offers numerous benefits that enhance efficiency and safety in different application areas. This analyzer allows businesses and research facilities to optimize processes and reduce costs, making it an indispensable tool for gas analysis enthusiasts.

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