Sustainable production hall strengthens company growth


With the construction of the new production hall, an important step was taken in the direction of Industry 4.0 and smart solutions. The state-of-the-art facility combines advanced robotics, big data analytics and smart sensor technology to ensure optimal capacity utilization and quality assurance in production.

Sustainable growth secured by new production hall

The official opening of the new production hall with office building in Malterdingen took place on July 14 and strengthens the connection of the Alexander Bürkle Group to the adjacent smart industries division and the Competence Center Electrical Design. The impressive facility offers a generous production area of about 2500 square meters and an office area of about 800 square meters, allowing up to 100 employees to work here and creating space for sustainable growth. The total investment of around 5.7 million euros included the construction of the building and a further 1 million euros that went into the high-quality equipment of the machinery and offices.

Production hall sets standards for efficiency

Alexander Bürkle panel solutions’ new production facility combines state-of-the-art technology and optimal working conditions for employees. Thanks to the world’s first Rittal + EPLAN Application Center, the latest technologies can be used effectively in the state-of-the-art machinery, which optimizes production processes. The proximity to the smart industries division leads to more efficient support for business processes and makes a significant contribution to improving service quality within the Alexander Bürkle Group.

Innovative project: production hall for skilled workers

Alexander Bürkle panel solutions GmbH has had a long tradition of training young talent since 2012 and has continuously expanded its training capacities. At the new location in Malterdingen, a dedicated training area has been set up that not only ensures comprehensive teaching of technical know-how, but also aims to promote important social skills such as communication, initiative and self-management to provide trainees with the best possible preparation for their future careers. In addition, the company is expanding its educational offering to include a bachelor’s/master’s degree program in electrical engineering starting in September 2024 to provide even more opportunities for professional development.

Environmentally friendly production facility goes into operation

The newly built production hall is not only characterized by its high functionality and aesthetic design, but also sends a clear signal for sustainability and environmental protection. Certified as an “Efficiency Building 40 including Renewable Energy Class,” it has a primary energy requirement that is below 40 percent of the requirement value according to the Building Energy Act. This impressive energy efficiency was achieved through outstanding thermal insulation combined with extremely efficient heating and cooling. In addition, the 42 kWp photovoltaic system on the roof covers over 55 percent of the energy demand from renewable sources, making the building a pioneer in sustainability.

An environmentally friendly energy supply is a key feature of the new production hall, which is operated with the help of an efficient water-to-water heat pump to harness the natural energy of the groundwater. Thanks to passive cooling by groundwater, there is no need for additional energy-intensive cooling measures. In addition, employees benefit from the building’s convenient location close to the A5 highway and Riegel train station, while the well-developed bike network promotes sustainability and offers cyclists ideal commuting options.

Sustainable production: Modern hall in use

The opening of the new production hall and office building marks a significant milestone for the Alexander Bürkle Group, underlining its growth strategy and innovative strength. The chosen location in Malterdingen offers the ideal opportunity to optimally coordinate control cabinet planning and construction activities, while at the same time establishing a close link to other key areas of the company. The exemplary facilities and commitment to training skilled workers illustrate the company’s long-term focus and its pioneering role in promoting an environmentally aware and efficient industry.

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