PUDU CC1 by Pudu Robotics: The smart cleaning robot for the commercial sector”


The PUDU CC1 is a versatile cleaning robot equipped with a range of advanced features to provide a comprehensive cleaning solution. It combines the benefits of sweeping, scrubbing, dusting and vacuuming in a single device to meet all cleaning needs. Whether you have hard or soft floors, the PUDU CC1 is suitable for both floor types and adapts flexibly to different surfaces. Thanks to its automation features, such as automatic water addition and emptying, as well as automatic refilling and resumption of cleaning at the stopping point, the robot does the work for you and enables efficient cleaning without manual effort.

Flexibility and efficiency: The PUDU CC1 – A robot for every situation with PUDU-SLAM and Laser-SLAM

The PUDU CC1 is equipped with a PUDU-SLAM positioning system that supports both Visual-SLAM and Laser-SLAM positioning and navigation solutions. This advanced system enables the robot to efficiently perform tasks in extremely complex scenarios. The PUDU CC1’s multi-fusion sensors allow it to detect obstacles from different angles and react accordingly by either stopping or choosing an alternative route to avoid them.

Through its preset programme, the PUDU CC1 enables automatic operation, which results in streamlining cleaning procedures and improving workflow. As a result, the robot achieves continuous cleaning efficiency at an outstanding level and meets demanding cleaning standards. The PUDU CC1 can operate continuously throughout the day, cleaning an impressive 12,000 square metres in a single day, without compromising high cleaning quality. This is ensured by the use of high-frequency cleaning and automated, standardised cleaning processes.

The PUDU CC1 offers a solution to reduce challenges for cleaners by taking over repetitive and redundant tasks. The user-friendly interface and simple operation make the robot easy to set up and use with minimal training. Thanks to the modular component design, accessories such as side brushes, roller brushes, squeegees and sweepers can be loaded and unloaded quickly and efficiently in just one minute. By automating cleaning tasks, workers can focus on more demanding tasks, which in turn leads to an increase in productivity.

Furthermore, the robot is equipped with a powerful app that allows users to track work status in real time. By receiving notifications on cleaning performance, including specific information on cleaning time and area, users have the ability to comprehensively monitor the effectiveness of their cleaning robots. The app provides detailed reports to ensure accurate measurement of cleaning performance.

The introduction of the PUDU CC1 has had a significant impact on cost efficiency in businesses by significantly reducing recruitment, training and management spend. Its award-winning design and impressive functionality, which earned it the Red Dot Product Design Award 2023, underline PUDU Robotics’ commitment to providing advanced, efficient and user-friendly cleaning solutions for the commercial sector.

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