PwC Luxembourg and Exeon Analytics Partner to Enhance Cybersecurity


PwC Luxembourg, a leading professional services company, has formed a strategic partnership with Exeon Analytics, the provider of ExeonTrace, a Network Detection & Response (NDR) solution. This collaboration aims to offer comprehensive network and cybersecurity services to safeguard PwC’s clients against the growing threat of cyberattacks. By leveraging ExeonTrace’s advanced capabilities, PwC Luxembourg can provide tailored solutions to address individual cybersecurity challenges and compliance requirements, ensuring a secure digital transformation for businesses.

PwC Luxembourg offers tailored solutions for cybersecurity challenges

PwC Luxembourg provides tailored solutions to address the unique cybersecurity challenges and compliance requirements of its clients. With a team of experts possessing in-depth industry knowledge, PwC Luxembourg offers valuable support in navigating the complexities of cybersecurity. This includes selecting the most suitable technologies and providing the necessary expertise to facilitate a secure digital transformation for each company.

Real-time network insights and intelligent algorithms for cybersecurity

ExeonTrace provides customers with real-time visibility into their entire IT/IoT network, allowing them to leverage intelligent machine learning algorithms. This enables them to identify cyber threats and detect patterns of malicious attacks. Additionally, ExeonTrace meets bandwidth and storage requirements through comprehensive metadata analysis, ensuring seamless operation and scalability.

Partnership with Exeon to Optimize Cybersecurity Management Processes

By integrating Exeon’s NDR solution, the partnership will optimize the processes of cybersecurity management. This will result in increased security readiness and resilience, reduced risk, and compliance with audit requirements. PwC’s holistic project management approach ensures that customers from various industries such as finance, services, manufacturing, transportation, and healthcare can leverage PwC’s security paradigms. Additionally, they meet the demanding requirements of compliance and industry audits, including those defined by NIS2 and DORA (Digital Resilience Act).

PwC Luxemburg and Exeon collaborate to enhance cybersecurity solutions

The partnership between PwC Luxembourg and Exeon allows customers to benefit from the extensive cyber-security expertise of the PwC team, combined with Exeon’s award-winning technology. Exeon’s NDR solution is already protecting the IT, IoT, and OT networks of several European industry leaders, and now it is being offered to companies in Luxembourg and other European markets. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Exeon’s European expansion strategy.

Customized Cybersecurity Solutions: PwC Luxemburg and Exeon Analytics Collaboration

The partnership between PwC Luxembourg and Exeon Analytics provides customers with customized cybersecurity solutions tailored to their individual needs. By integrating Exeon’s NDR solution, the cybersecurity management processes are optimized, resulting in improved efficiency and compliance. Customers benefit from real-time insights into their network, allowing them to effectively identify and combat cyber threats.

The partnership between PwC Luxembourg and Exeon Analytics brings reliable and versatile network security solutions to customers, providing them with significant added value. This collaboration is an important step towards achieving a secure digital transformation in an increasingly threatening cyber world.

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