Pyramid Computer Unveils Innovative Tower-Platforms and VarioScaler Series at embedded world 2024


Pyramid Computer presents a range of tower platforms at the embedded world trade fair under the AKHET(R) brand. Available in Big, Midi, and Mini sizes, these platforms offer tailored solutions for both office applications and high-end use cases. The Big variant stands out as a high-end workstation, capable of accommodating up to two Data-Center graphics cards. Built to industrial standards, all variants ensure long product lifecycles and high component availability. Moreover, the Big variant is also available as a 5U rack version, making it perfect for server farms.

Pyramid Computer introduces VarioScaler: A flexible high-performance platform

The VarioScaler series from Pyramid Computer is an upcoming innovative platform set to be available in Q2/2024. This high-performance platform offers flexible configurations to meet various requirements and supports both x86 and Arm-based variants with corresponding Data-Center CPUs. With the option to choose Smart-Nics, these platforms can be optimized for SDN, Load Balancing, or encryption, enabling them to achieve the highest throughput rates. When combined with a selection of Data-Center GPUs, these platforms can deliver high-performance workloads such as video streaming, cloud gaming, VPN, workstation virtualization, and AI training.

Pyramid Computer introduces two new systems specifically optimized for Machine Learning applications. The AKHET(R) Server VarioFlex 5U features a Dual GPU, while the AKHET(R) VarioScaler xI High Performance Computing platform comes with multiple Dual-GPUs. These systems enable efficient and powerful implementation of Machine Learning projects. Additionally, Pyramid Computer presents a camera bar equipped with two 48MP cameras and an ARM Cortex A73 with integrated NPU. This Machine Vision solution detects objects based on a trained model.

The VarioLAN product range from Pyramid Computer provides specialized solutions for network security, cloud and edge computing, as well as IoT and SDN. With the VarioLAN S, M, and L variants, users can scale their solutions from branch connectivity to robust network servers, while also ensuring edge security. These products offer a comprehensive approach to addressing various networking needs and can adapt to the requirements of different industries.

The Front- and Back-Kit concept by faytech is a standout feature at embedded world 2024. It allows for the customized assembly of touch displays and PCs, enabling the perfect combination for specific use cases. The ease of interchangeability between various Front- and Back-Kit configurations offers maximum flexibility in choosing display sizes and PC variants. The I/O board configurations range from Intel’s Elkhart Lake and Tiger Lake U to Amlogic, providing a wide range of options for users.

Pyramid Computer showcases a wide range of innovative solutions at embedded world 2024. The Tower platforms, VarioScaler series, optimized Machine Learning systems, VarioLAN product line, and faytech’s Front- and Back-Kit concept offer customized solutions for diverse application areas. With their high performance, flexibility, and reliability, these products make Pyramid Computer an ideal solution provider for various industries.

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