PYREG partners with BBB to bring Biochar technology to the UK market


PYREG, a leading European high-tech plant engineering company specializing in the production of biochar, has made the strategic decision to enter the UK market. In collaboration with the British start-up Black Bull Biochar (BBB), PYREG will deliver a carbonization plant to be installed at an industrial site in Radcliffe, Manchester, in the northern part of England. This expansion into the UK market signifies PYREG’s commitment to providing innovative biochar solutions and contributing to the growth of the biochar industry in the region.

PYREG pioneers CO2 removal through biomass carbonization technology

PYREG, founded in 2009, is a pioneer in CO2 removal through the carbonization of biomass residues. With its award-winning and patented Net Zero technology, the company produces high-quality premium biochar while delivering renewable energy. By utilizing excess process heat, the system supports and accelerates the transition to renewable energy by replacing fossil fuels. Additionally, biochar stores carbon bound in biogenic residues in the soil for thousands of years, enabling the issuance of carbon credits that can be credited on platforms like (Nasdaq).

UK Start-up BBB Develops Profitable Biochar Product for Agriculture

BBB, a UK-based start-up company, specializes in greenhouse gas removal. Their focus is on developing a profitable commercial biochar product for the agricultural sector, with an initial target in the dairy industry. The use of biochar allows for significant carbon removal from the atmosphere, storing it in agricultural soils for centuries. This not only improves soil quality but also reduces emissions in farming operations. Additionally, the renewable heat generated through the pyrolysis process contributes to the decarbonization of the industry in Northern England.

PYREG and BBB collaborate to produce high-quality biochar and renewable energy

The partnership between PYREG and BBB represents a groundbreaking initiative in circular economy, where high-quality Biochar and renewable energy are produced while simultaneously removing CO2 from the atmosphere. This innovative approach is a milestone in sustainable technology, and PYREG takes great pride in delivering this cutting-edge solution. The collaboration showcases the potential of Biochar as a key player in the transition towards a more environmentally friendly future.

Black Bull Biochar (BBB) is taking the initiative to establish a sustainable Biochar network in the emerging and fragmented British market. By overcoming entry barriers, BBB aims to connect farms and industrial sites and promote the adoption of Biochar technology. The support of leading manufacturers like PYREG is crucial for the success of this endeavor, as it enables the exploration of new markets. Alex Clarke, Co-founder and CEO of BBB, considers PYREG’s entry into the British market as a turning point for the Biochar industry, and is committed to assisting the company in expanding its presence.

BBB secures funding for Net Zero Innovation Portfolio project

BBB secured funding for the project from the Net Zero Innovation Portfolio (NZIP) of the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) of the British government. This came after the company was successful in the final round of the Direct Air Capture (DAC) & Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR) innovation competition.

The partnership between PYREG and BBB brings the benefits of Biochar to the UK, contributing to the decarbonization of the industry and the transition to renewable energy. Through high-quality Biochar production and simultaneous CO2 removal, this project supports the reduction of emissions and improves soil quality by storing carbon in the soil for the long term. This collaboration represents a promising milestone for the Biochar industry in the UK.

The partnership between PYREG and BBB provides innovative solutions to the challenges of climate change, demonstrating the synergy between technology and entrepreneurial spirit in shaping a sustainable future.

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