“Quick-Fix” from Immoconn reduces high heating costs by up to 20%.


A new digital solution from the Munich-based proptech start-up Immoconn can help to drive the heat revolution in existing buildings. The reason for the development of this solution lies in the rapid increases in energy prices, which have so far paid too little attention to the optimisation of existing heating systems. Thanks to Immoconn’s innovative approach, however, existing buildings can now be heated more effectively and sustainably.

Cost savings of up to 20% thanks to real-time data and AI in the boiler room

By continuously monitoring the boiler room and analysing the real-time data through an AI, savings in heating costs of up to 20% can be achieved. Initial reference projects show that this method can be successfully implemented within a few weeks.

The housing industry is particularly affected by the energy crisis and urgently needs digital solutions to cope with rising costs. Efficient heating control is crucial here to sustainably save costs and CO2 emissions. For this, data on heating patterns and maintenance status are indispensable. Immoconn is committed to advancing digitalisation in boiler rooms and thus creating a long-term solution to the challenges facing the housing industry.

Grünwald Equity supports the PropTech start-up because there are still difficulties with supply chains and the high utilisation of the SHK trade. These problems slow down the necessary heat turnaround and make it more difficult to achieve the climate targets. However, Immoconn has found innovative solutions that can help to reduce CO2 emissions quickly and effectively. Christian König, Investment Manager at Grünwald Equity Management GmbH, emphasises that the start-up can make an important contribution to achieving the climate goals.

The housing industry as a whole is facing considerable pressure, as the implementation of large refurbishment projects requires a great deal of effort. However, to meet the 2030 targets and beyond, short-term heating optimisation measures that are compatible with older heating systems and can be implemented quickly also play an important role.

PropTech Startup Immoconn: Innovations for the Real Estate Industry

Immoconn is a digital heating monitoring system that monitors the condition of the heating system in real time and provides the user with an overview of the condition of the boiler room through visualisations and recommendations for action. The platform is manufacturer-independent and enables preventive monitoring of the heating system through the continuous collection and analysis of data in order to avoid malfunctions and damage and to save energy. Immoconn alerts the user to potential problems to enable quick action.

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