Radix IoT Vangard Projects: IoT für die Wassertelemetrie


Radix IoT and Vangard Projects have entered into a strategic partnership with each other to solve fundamental problems facing South Africa. In particular, the increasing water scarcity in the region will be addressed with IoT telemetry.

Radix IoT: for borderless monitoring.

The Texas-based company, which aims to disrupt the IoT sector with its innovations, is aiming for total monitoring of smart devices and assets. The company’s proprietary Mango OS platform is specifically designed to service critical infrastructure in a variety of locations.

This could be utilities, telecom providers and data centers, as well as automated industries or property management companies. Wherever real-time information is needed, Mango OS can provide assistance. The functions used are remote monitoring, process coordination and data preparation.

Mango OS: scalable, flexible, independent

Mango OS differentiates itself from its competitors in a number of ways, according to the company. For example, the system is scalable to an unprecedented degree. Starting from one base, it can network with thousands of other locations. It also seems to be able to accommodate an almost unlimited number of IoT devices. The solution also demonstrates amazing adaptability when it comes to integrating with third-party systems. No redesign of existing hardware or software is required for implementation.

Instead, it uses existing infrastructures to work toward the desired goal of bringing all data together in one place. The manufacturer-independent platform aims to simplify the everyday life of its users with its data collection and processing. The concentration of information in one place is intended to eliminate the complexity of competing systems. Users of the technology should be able to reduce their costs by better organizing and maintaining their assets.

Vangard Projects: 20 years of pioneering experience

Vangard Projects is a South African IT developer with 20 years of pioneering experience. Specializing in data acquisition and process control, the company will handle the integration of Radix IoT Mango OS into local systems. It will also manage on-site service and sales for the Texan. This cooperation is intended to optimize existing facilities for monitoring and control. The aim is to centralize data that has so far been recorded in a disorganized manner.

This should enable better processing, analysis, automation and maintenance of the processes involved. In this way, Vangard’s services can be extended to the whole of Africa and critical areas such as mining, waste management and water supply.

IoT application area: water conservation

South Africa has had a growing problem with its water supply for some time. In addition to geographic conditions, technical circumstances are also reasons. Inadequately developed infrastructure for all residents, numerous leaks and usage that is often inappropriate for the local climate all play their part.

Mango OS for water optimization

To address this mixed bag, Vangard Projects integrated Mango OS with water telemetry provided by South Africa Water Works. The utility supplies 400,000 people with 120 million liters of water daily. Thanks to Mango OS, constant monitoring of this service is possible. 80 telemetry stations and seven Scada systems use real-time and end-to-end connectivity, data collection and visualization, and location analytics to improve the quality of supply. This allows current methods of water collection and use to be optimized, such as through automation processes.

Better water quality for all

Since the Mango OS developers, unlike the competition, do not charge for updates, the open source program can be used by a wide range of customers. Its low-effort integration into existing systems and easy collaboration with third-party developments enable a wide range of uses. From the small farmer who wants to plan the use of his water resources to the mining company that tests its industrial water for residues, everyone can use the inexpensive and expandable Mango OS solutions for remote monitoring and maintenance of their assets.

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