Progress for the armed forces: Rheinmetall’s mobile spare parts production


The Mobile Smart Factory (MSF) from Rheinmetall Landsysteme GmbH is revolutionising mobile spare parts production for military vehicles. Thanks to its efficient and flexible production, it enables battle damage to be repaired quickly and thus makes a significant contribution to the operational readiness and sustainability of the armed forces.

IRIS: Mobile Smart Factory completely integrated

Rheinmetall’s Mobile Smart Factory (MSF) is a pioneering concept that enables a close link with the IRIS digital ecosystem. Thanks to this integration, a secure exchange of data and comprehensive monitoring of printed parts is ensured, with extensive quality assurance. By using the cloud-enabled IRIS platform, the IRISwork and IRISfleet software applications can be fully operated with the MSF, meeting all IT security standards, including the demanding NATO Restricted standards. This allows operators and maintenance personnel to access technical documentation and spare parts catalogues, while the IRISfleet fleet management tool documents the installation of specific printed parts in vehicles and ensures system security by storing all relevant printed part information and a digital product passport. In addition, IRIS technology offers the possibility of remote support from industry, engineers and quality assurance, ensuring efficient and reliable support for technical issues and quality control.

Containerisation: Diverse possibilities for flexible systems

The Mobile Smart Factory consists of two mobile shipping containers, one of which serves as an office container and the other as a production container. The office container offers an air-conditioned office, a workstation and a storage room as well as a polymer printer and a hand-held scanner. The production container houses a Metrom P7000, an innovative 6-axis hybrid machine. This machine enables additive manufacturing using WAAM technology and has an integrated CNC milling facility for finishing. The unique ability to both weld and CNC mill enables field repair personnel to efficiently repair battle damage. The Mobile Smart Factory can produce components with a maximum size of 700 mm in diameter and 450 mm in height and works with various materials such as weldable wires and polymers. The impressive application speed of up to 600 cm³/h ensures rapid production of spare parts and speeds up the repair process.

DFA event highlights future of defence technology

At an event organised by the European Defence Agency, the Mobile Smart Factory was presented for the first time, which met with lively interest and recognition from military experts and representatives of the defence industry. The innovative approach to mobile production of spare parts for military vehicles was positively received and seen as an important advance in mission support.

Modern battlefield: a breakthrough in war technology

Rheinmetall’s Mobile Smart Factory offers an innovative approach to revolutionising traditional manufacturing processes in the defence industry. Secure data exchange and seamless product monitoring enable printed parts to be manufactured efficiently and to a high quality. Maintenance personnel benefit from the ability to quickly repair battle damage in the field and ensure that armed forces always have the spare parts they need, ultimately leading to improved operational readiness.

The Mobile Smart Factory (MSF) from Rheinmetall defines new standards for efficiency and flexibility in the supply of spare parts in military operations. With its mobile concept, it enables agile production of high-quality spare parts on site, minimising logistical challenges and maximising the operational readiness of armed forces.

The Rheinmetall Mobile Smart Factory plays a significant role in improving the mission support and effectiveness of military vehicles. Thanks to its integration into the IRIS digital ecosystem, it enables a seamless link between mobile spare parts production and comprehensive data collection. Through its container-based system and the ability to print and rework parts in the field, the Mobile Smart Factory provides efficient and timely repair of battle damage, which in turn increases the readiness of the armed forces and improves logistics in military theatres of operation.

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