RFID-Tickets: Convenient Access and Enhanced Security in Ski Resorts


RFID tickets offer convenience and ease of access for skiers in ski resorts. With the ability to be stored in a jacket or pants pocket, the tickets allow for seamless entry to lift facilities without the need to physically present the ticket. This is made possible through the use of RFID technology, which enables automatic identification and gate opening. Axess, as a leader in access and guest management solutions, recognizes the benefits of RFID and has implemented it in over 600 ski resorts in the Alps and the Pyrenees.

RFID-Tickets: Convenient Access to Ski Lifts without Hassle

RFID tickets provide a convenient and hassle-free access to ski resorts. Skiers can keep the ticket in their pocket or jacket and still be able to access the ski lifts. The gates or barriers open automatically through contactless identification, eliminating the need to show the ticket. This seamless process is made possible by a high-performance database connected to the hardware through an IT interface.

Large ski resorts, such as Dolomiti Superski, rely on RFID technology to manage their numerous access points. The RFID gates have a reading range of approximately 40 centimeters, ensuring that only the ticket of the individual approaching the gate is recognized. The quality of the antennas and RFID chips is crucial for accurate identification and seamless access control.

Segmenting RFID Chips: Enabling Multiple Applications on a Single Chip

In order to store various applications such as access control, ski rental, and parking on a single chip, the segmentation of the RFID chip is necessary. Rinas Gerätetechnik machines apply the defined data structure from Axess onto the RFID chip and divide it into segments. The number of segments can vary depending on the requirements. While segmentation is not necessary for a simple ski pass without additional functionality, it is indispensable for the complex system solutions provided by Axess.

Majority of ski industry tickets to be RFID-based by 2023

The ski industry is rapidly adopting RFID technology, with the majority of tickets expected to be based on this technology by 2023. Already, 99.8 percent of tickets are contactless, offering a secure and personalized access to ski resorts. The gates at these resorts are equipped with Long-Range RFID antennas, which can instantly verify the validity of the RFID card and open the gate. This technology ensures a smooth and efficient entry process for skiers, enhancing their overall experience.

Enhanced Access: Smartphone BLE Functionality for Contactless Ticketing

With the BLE functionality of smartphones, skiers now have another convenient option for contactless access. By simply storing their ticket on their phone, they can enjoy the same benefits as an RFID ticket. This BLE ticket can be purchased online and stored in the Axess Ski Wallet App. When approaching a gate, the skier’s phone automatically connects to the gate via Bluetooth, allowing the ticket to be effortlessly verified and the gate to open.

RFID ski passes with payment function and child-friendly options

RFID ski passes can be equipped with a payment function, allowing users to conveniently make purchases at the ski resort. In addition, there are also prepaid cards available specifically for children to use. The CLICS administration software makes it easy to set up and manage the payment functions, providing a comprehensive overview of sales and access information for efficient management.

Axess’ RFID cards revolutionize the ski industry by offering a multifunctional solution for various applications such as ski rental, parking reservation, and ski course booking. This innovative approach earned Axess the prestigious “Digital Transformation of the Year” award in 2018, recognizing their outstanding contribution to the industry’s digital revolution.

Rising Demand for RFID Solutions in Ski Resorts and Leisure Industry

The demand for RFID solutions is steadily increasing not only in the ski industry but also in leisure parks, museums, and attractions. The Salzburg Zoo has already upgraded its access solutions to incorporate the latest Axess technology. In Abu Dhabi, Yas Island is already utilizing access systems with facial recognition technology. The leisure industry is expected to experience a growth rate of five to six percent in the coming years.

German manufacturer Rinas provides reliable RFID card segmentation machines

Rinas Gerätetechnik, a German manufacturer, provides the machines for segmenting RFID cards used by Axess. Armin Rinas, the company’s CEO, proudly highlights the longstanding partnership with Axess. Rinas’ machines have been delivering reliable service in RFID ticket production for over 20 years and are known for their low maintenance requirements.

RFID-Tickets revolutionize the skiing experience by providing a seamless and secure access solution through contactless identification. With Rinas’ segmentation machines, these tickets can store customized applications on a single chip, enhancing convenience for skiers. Furthermore, the future of access technology lies in BLE, which offers even more comfort. The increasing adoption of RFID solutions in the leisure industry demonstrates their potential, and Axess stands out as a leading provider with its comprehensive solutions and global success.

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