Hong Kong Post modernizes with robotics


The strategic partnership between Hongkong Post and Geek+ has led to the emergence of a state-of-the-art robotic parcel sorting system. Synergizing Geek+’s advanced sorting and transportation solutions with Hong Kong Post’s development plan, the new technology will dramatically increase the efficiency and accuracy of parcel sorting, taking mail processing to a new level.

Goodbye labor-intensive sorting: robots take over

The sorting and transport robots developed by Geek+ represent a groundbreaking technology for Hong Kong Post, replacing the traditional, time-consuming manual sorting process. The high sorting capacity of up to 1,000 parcels per hour increases overall efficiency and enables higher productivity in the parcel service.

The cooperation between Geek+ and Hong Kong Post will revolutionize the logistics industry,” emphasized Billy Siu, Business Development Director for Hong Kong and Taiwan at Geek+. Geek+’s intelligent robots will significantly improve parcel sorting processes through the use of robotics technology, taking overall efficiency to a new level.

The integration of intelligent robotic systems into Hong Kong Post’s postal operations results in precise and customized delivery of parcels to various receiving locations. This efficient use of robotic technology helps the company effectively manage the changing demands of eCommerce.

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