RP-Group: Efficient emergency lighting solution for any building


The RP-Group presents with Wireless Professional a self-regulating and monitoring, versatile emergency lighting solution for small, medium or larger buildings. The conveniently set up and secured system saves customers through its radio technology complex installations and time-consuming maintenance. Everything runs after a simple setup almost by itself, fully automated. The self-organizing wireless system is also suitable for building retrofits.

Wireless Professional: The smart emergency lighting system

The new single-battery network controls and monitors up to 1000 single-battery luminaires completely wirelessly, based on proven 868 MHz radio technology. The thereby guaranteed range in buildings is 30 meters even through reinforced concrete and is possible over several floors. Other frequencies such as WLAN, Bluetooth or DECT do not affect this radio transmission.

Support via WLZENT control center

The system is supported by the completely new yet easy-to-use WLZENT control center. The touchscreen module enables setup, testing and fault analysis of each individual luminaire. The in-house developed Linux system simultaneously guarantees a data-secure environment and protection against cyberattacks.

The Wireless Embedded PC can be used to monitor the system on a Windows platform as an alternative to the WLZENT controller. The USB coordinator KOR3 establishes the necessary connection to the luminaires for this purpose. The Wireless IO-Box additionally opens up the optional use of an interface module for coupling Wireless Professional with building management systems or signal displays of operating states.

Modern time- and energy-efficient equipment

Functionality and appearance are not contradictory in RP-Group luminaires. Even in inconspicuous stainless steel or aluminum packaging, the lights serve their purpose. Visible antennas are not absolutely necessary for this purpose. Low energy consumption, timer functions, and manual or radio switching allow energy savings, for example, in night or weekend operation.

Regular system check given

Status descriptions and error messages from the luminaires are collected in the Lighlinx Cloud and the system’s administrator is informed via e-mail. An automated logbook lists daily and weekly functional tests for this purpose. Wireless Professional also ensures that the system is documented in accordance with regulations. Complete system checks, light settings and status logs are stored and can be read out and exported as required. The working time of maintenance personnel can thus be reduced to a maximum.

Cost savings for building operators

Wireless-Professional technology generates low costs for customers due to its comparatively simple installation, setup and configuration. Due to the 868 MHz radio monitoring, complex cabling is not necessary. In combination with the automated monitoring and documentation of all facilities, which is necessary during operation, the costs for the operators can be significantly reduced.

With new components such as the WLKOR3 coordinator, any fault messages can be sent immediately to the relevant departments without the need for additional technologies. This can also lead to cost savings.

RP-Group: full-service provider for emergency and safety lighting.

RP-Technik has been one of the leading developers and manufacturers of emergency and safety power supply systems in Germany for 35 years. The medium-sized company from Rodgau successfully exports its products to other European countries or to the Middle East. Further production sites of the RP Group are located in Könitz, Unterwellenborn, Thuringia, and in Rodgau-Jügesheim.

Founded in 1981 by Rainer Pasedag in a barn in Rodgau-Dudenhofen, the company quickly developed into a well-known producer of lighting and power supply systems, monitoring modules, starter batteries, central battery systems and accessories. After an expansion of the product and service range to include smart lighting controls, consulting, planning and service for project development, the Hessian company advanced to become an all-rounder in the lighting industry.

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