RWE inaugurates new solar park with battery storage


RWE has recently commissioned another photovoltaic plant with battery storage at the foot of the Sophienhöhe in the Hambach open-pit mine. The “RWE Neuland Solarpark” has a capacity of 12 megawatts peak (8.4 MWac) and can theoretically supply green electricity to more than 3,100 households. The solar modules used in this project are double-sided light-sensitive, making them highly efficient. The battery storage, with a capacity of over 8 megawatt-hours, acts as a buffer between the solar power generation and the grid.

RWE Neuland Solarpark: Fourth major solar project in Germany

RWE’s CEO, Katja Wünschel, highlighted the significance of the RWE Neuland Solarpark, which is the fourth major solar project to be connected to the grid in the Rheinischen Revier. This project, like the others, includes a battery storage system, demonstrating RWE’s commitment to renewable energy in Germany. The company is determined to accelerate the transition to clean energy and contribute to the country’s energy transition.

The completion of the “RWE Neuland Solarpark” in the Hambach open-pit mine marks a significant milestone in the region’s transition towards renewable energy sources. With its visible presence and efficient solar modules, this solar park showcases the potential for successful structural transformation and the achievement of energy transition goals. As the water level of the Hambach Tagebau lake gradually rises, the site can be utilized for approximately 40 years to generate clean power, effectively contributing to the ongoing energy transition efforts.

RWE is currently constructing the “RWE Neuland 1 Solarpark”, which will be located adjacent to the existing “RWE Neuland Solarpark”. The first phase of this new project will have a capacity of 20 megawatt peak (17.6 MWac) upon completion, while the second phase will expand the facility by an additional 15.2 megawatt peak (12 MWac). This demonstrates RWE’s commitment to expanding renewable energy generation in the region.

The solar projects in the Hambach open-pit mine will be operated in cooperation with Neuland Hambach GmbH, a company that plays a significant role in shaping the structural transformation around the mine. RWE plans to invest approximately 11 billion euros net in green generation capacities in Germany over the next seven years and is actively searching for locations nationwide to expand wind and solar installations.

RWE is demonstrating its commitment to renewable energy expansion in the Rhineland region by continuing to build at a rapid pace. The new solar installations with battery storage not only contribute to a climate-friendly power supply but also serve as a visible symbol of the successful structural transformation and energy transition. With planned investments and the search for additional areas for renewable energy installations, RWE is sending a clear message for a sustainable future in Germany.

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