Schaeffler Opens Development Center in Kysuce: Shaping Tomorrow’s Mobility


Schaeffler strengthens its innovation power for the mobility of the future through a global network of 20 research and development locations. This commitment is backed by a 20 million euro investment in a state-of-the-art development center and expanded testing and laboratory areas. By 2025, Schaeffler aims to have 500 developers working on future mobility solutions in Kysuce. This initiative underscores the company’s dedication to shaping the future of mobility through cutting-edge research and development efforts.

Schaeffler’s New Innovation Hub: Future Mobility Advances

By opening a state-of-the-art development center in Kysuce, Slovakia, Schaeffler AG is making a robust statement about future mobility. Amidst a global network of 20 research and development sites, the company is investing 20 million euros in the construction and expansion of testing and laboratory facilities. This initiative aims to accelerate the development of products and components for e-mobility and chassis applications, which will play a crucial role in the emerging era of automated mobility.

Embracing Tomorrow’s Success through the Power of Innovation

Schaeffler is strategically positioned in the evolving automotive and industrial supply industry by expanding its global efforts in developing advanced mobility solutions. The newly inaugurated development center in Kysuce spans an impressive 8,000 square meters. Within this space, 4,000 square meters are dedicated to a four-story building for product development, while the remaining 4,000 square meters are earmarked for cutting-edge testing and validation facilities. These facilities, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, enable efficient and precise development and testing of pioneering mobility solutions.

Evolving Workspaces: Concepts for Future Challenges Ahead

Schaeffler embodies the “New-Work” concept not only through technological aspects but also in the design of the working environment. By focusing on flexible, digital collaboration and creating modern office setups, communication zones, and collaborative spaces, Schaeffler fosters the exchange of information and idea generation among employees. This, in turn, enhances the company’s innovation potential.

Global Presence, Local Expertise: Powerhouse of Knowledge

Schaeffler follows a strategy of global presence and local expertise. The company leverages its worldwide network of development sites to address the specific requirements of various markets. This enables close collaboration with customers worldwide and allows for rapid response to changing local needs.

Towards the Future: Schaeffler’s Bold Step Forward

The establishment of the development center in Kysuce marks a significant milestone for Schaeffler on the path to shaping the mobility of the future. With a clear vision and a strong commitment to innovation, research, and development, the company positions itself as a pioneer in the fields of e-mobility and automated vehicle technology. The investment in the state-of-the-art center, the integration of modern work concepts, and the global network showcase Schaeffler’s resolute commitment to address the challenges and opportunities in the evolving mobility landscape successfully.

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