Adjustable Sound Beam for Precise Detection


Ultrasound sensors are widely used in various industries for object detection and distance measurement. The new 420B and 412B series ultrasound sensors from Leuze offer a multitude of benefits, allowing for flexible application in different fields. With adjustable sound beams and IO-Link interface, these sensors can reliably detect even challenging surfaces such as shiny, reflective, dark, or transparent objects as well as liquids. This reduces the need for multiple sensor types, making it a cost-effective solution for many applications. Additionally, their compact design makes them suitable for use in tight spaces. The quick and easy parameterization further enhances their usability.

Adjustable Sound Beam for Reliable Detection in Challenging Environments

The adjustable sound beam of the 420B and 412B series ultrasonic sensors allows for precise detection in a variety of applications. With the ability to adjust the sound beam to narrow, medium, or wide settings via the IO-Link interface, these sensors can reliably detect objects in situations where optical sensors may fail. Their capability to detect shiny, reflective, dark, transparent surfaces, and even liquids, makes them highly versatile in different industries.

Versatile Ultrasound Sensors for Reducing Sensor Variety in Applications

The 420B and 412B series of ultrasonic sensors offer a practical solution for reducing sensor variety in industrial applications. These sensors are available in both switching (HTU) and measuring (DMU) versions, allowing for flexible use in different scenarios. The 420B series features compact cubic plastic housings, replacing the previous 420 series. The 412B series expands the cylindrical sensor portfolio in the M12 housing with devices equipped with IO-Link and analog output.

HTU420B Ultrasonic Sensors: Versatile and Precise Detection Solutions

The HTU420B ultrasonic sensors in red housing are designed for demanding detection tasks. With their adjustable sound beam, IO-Link interface, and two switching outputs, they can simultaneously monitor two positions or detect two fill levels. The flexible use of these sensors is enabled by the adjustable sound beam. A narrow sound beam, for example, is suitable for detecting fill levels through small container openings, while a wide sound beam can cover larger areas.

The Ultrasound Distance Sensors DMU420B and DMU412B are highly suitable for accurately measuring distances. Equipped with an analog output (either current or voltage) and an adjustable sound beam, these sensors offer precise and customizable distance measurements. Their versatility allows for seamless integration into various applications where accurate distance detection is required.

Economical Ultrasound Sensors with Black Plastic Housing for Simple Detection Tasks

The HTU420B ultrasonic sensors are available in a standard version with a black plastic housing, providing an economical solution for simple detection tasks. With a single switching output, these sensors are suitable for basic applications. They are offered in various ranges to accommodate different requirements.

Compact design enables flexible use in tight spaces

The compact design of the 420B and 412B series ultrasonic sensors from Leuze makes them an ideal choice for applications with limited space. With dimensions of only 20.5 x 41.0 x 15.0 millimeters for the cubic sensors and a length of just 50 millimeters for the cylindrical sensors of the HTU412B series, these sensors can be easily installed in tight spaces. Despite their small size, these sensors offer excellent performance and reliability.

Simple and Convenient Parameterization for Ultrasound Sensors

The configuration of the ultrasonic sensors is a straightforward process for all types. With the option to use the Teach button, the Teach input, or the IO-Link interface, users can easily adjust and operate the sensors to their desired settings. This user-friendly approach ensures a quick and hassle-free setup, allowing for efficient integration into various systems and applications.

The new Leuze 420B and 412B ultrasonic sensors offer a wide range of benefits and can be flexibly applied in various industries. With adjustable sound beams and a small blind range, these sensors reliably detect objects where optical sensors fall short. Their compact design and easy parameterization make them a practical solution for plant operators looking to reduce sensor variety. Overall, these ultrasonic sensors provide an economical and precise solution for detection and measurement tasks.

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