Schneider Electric GmbH strengthens EcoStruxure for the healthcare industry


There have been major problems in the healthcare sector for many years now. The number of patients to be treated is continuously increasing and the number of employees in the healthcare sector is continuously decreasing. Now there are also problems in the area of energy costs. The number of electronic devices in hospitals is constantly growing.

In addition, the IoT is also slowly but surely making its way into the healthcare sector. Therefore, it is especially important that there are no technical failures. The importance of building management is becoming increasingly important. That is why Schneider Electric GmbH is strengthening EcoStruxure for the healthcare sector.

The advantages of EcoStruxure from Schneider Electric GmbH

The background of this innovative technology is that all data of the energy sector is collected and evaluated. In contrast to older approaches of this kind, Schneider Electric GmbH no longer creates large data silos and then evaluates them. This approach is far too error-prone. In addition, it does not reflect the current status; instead, the evaluations always take place with a time delay.

As a result, the insights gained are not particularly valuable. Thanks to the new EcoStruxure from Schneider Electric GmbH, analyses and evaluations take place in real time. Therefore, the findings have an enormous informative value. The results obtained from this process can be used to initiate appropriate measures.

These measures can save a great deal of energy in both small and large operations such as hospitals or other healthcare facilities. This not only leads to significantly lower costs for the operators. The new EcoStruxure also prevents breakdowns and failures of technical equipment. This benefits patients first and foremost, because treatments run reliably and continuously.

But it is also beneficial for the already stressed staff in healthcare facilities if breakdowns or failures of technical equipment do not have to be expected again and again. Therefore, it can be stated that the strengthened EcoStruxure of Schneider Electric GmbH significantly improves the situation for the operators of the facilities, for the employees and, of course, for the patients.

What is Schneider Electric GmbH?

Probably not everyone is familiar with this company. It specializes in technical solutions in the field of healthcare. For more than 15 years, this company has been concerned with developing measures to save energy. Therefore, the technology of this company is already used in about 40 percent of all hospitals worldwide. The new project, which will greatly improve EcoStruxure, will reduce energy consumption much more significantly. From the very beginning,

Schneider Electric’s primary goal has been to do something about climate change. For this reason, new technologies have been developed again and again to make better use of energy and thus also to save energy. The company surprises again and again by showing how energy can be saved without losing quality of life.

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