se.SAM: Cryptography hardware modules from Sematicon make security easier


As security requirements in the industrial and IoT sectors become more stringent, Sematicon developed advanced Security and Authentication Modules. These have the designation se.SAM. These modules are available in several different formats so that they can be integrated into all common systems.

In addition to the conventional chips, the modules are also available as mini-PCI for implementation in edge computers. They are also available as plug-in units for any common 19 inch rack or as components with a USB interface. Therefore, Sematicon’s advanced cryptography can be deployed from simple chips to modern cloud systems. Thus, seamless security is created by se.SAM.

Impressive functionality of se.SAM

The high security is achieved by generating the cryptography keys in a special hardware. This is advantageous in that the keys remain independent of the software. They also never have to be loaded into RAM in order to be used. For use during operation, this means that the encrypted data must be loaded into a hardware component in order to decrypt it again and make it usable. The greatest advantage of this procedure is that attackers can never gain access to the cryptography.

se.SAM meets the highest demands

It is a future-proof technology that meets the highest requirements of the industry. To generate the cryptography keys, combinations of symmetric and asymmetric algorithms as well as several additional functions are set up. Therefore, a very strong encryption is generated, which also meets all requirements of the BSI. Of course, this technique also meets all international requirements in the field of security systems for IT in industry.

A certain training period cannot be avoided

The use of cryptography is not yet so widespread in industry. Therefore, it should be assumed that a certain training period must be planned for. However, interested parties are made easier by the fact that se.SAM provides numerous materials. These range from informative accompanying material to sample applications and demo kits. These resources make it much easier to get started with a secure IT environment.

Where can se.SAM be used?

These modern cryptography systems from Sematicon are certified as follows:

  • Common Criteria EAL6+
  • EU Directive 2014/32/EU
  • VELMEC Software Guide for Measuring Instruments V7.2, 2015.

The modules can be used in a temperature range from -40 degrees Celsius to +90 degrees Celsius, depending on the design. This means that they can be used in a wide temperature range. In addition, they are water and shock resistant. Due to the processing, they are even insensitive to disturbances of all kinds. Thanks to these properties and their robustness, nothing stands in the way of a wide range of applications.

Since the modules can be used independently of an operating system, no special drivers are required for smooth operation. They can be installed quite easily via Plug & Play and can be used immediately. The modules can be used in industry, in IoT systems for building management, and in many other areas where a high level of security is important.

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