SEP sesam: Cutting-edge Backup Solution for the Healthcare Sector


SEP sesam is a cutting-edge backup software specifically designed for the demanding needs of the healthcare industry. With the increasing threat of cyberattacks, especially ransomware, robust and reliable backup solutions are crucial. SEP sesam has been developed to meet these challenges while ensuring compliance with strict data protection regulations such as GDPR and NIS-2. It offers immutable solutions to protect backups against ransomware and guarantees freedom from built-in backdoors to avoid pre-programmed security vulnerabilities. SEP has a strong customer base in the healthcare sector, including Resolve BioSciences GmbH, HINT AG, and Kwizda Pharma.

Advanced Data Protection Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

Organizations in the healthcare sector require state-of-the-art data protection technologies that ensure robust backup and recovery capabilities. In hospitals and other healthcare facilities, it is crucial to regularly secure sensitive patient data, medical records, and administrative information to maintain data integrity and confidentiality. SEP’s data protection solutions comply with legal requirements such as HIPAA in the USA and GDPR in the EU, ensuring the highest level of data protection. The quick response time of SEP experts minimizes downtime after data loss, which is critical for ensuring optimal patient care.

Customized solutions and support for reliable data protection in healthcare

SEP provides tailored solutions, support in design and implementation, special migration offers, training, and close collaboration with healthcare institutions to ensure reliable data backup. SEP sesam, the backup solution, safeguards medical data in highly sensitive IT environments during the backup process using state-of-the-art encryption technologies and stringent security mechanisms.

High-quality service and support for healthcare customers from SEP

SEP’s technical excellence is complemented by its award-winning service and support, ensuring that healthcare customers benefit from a highly available and knowledgeable support team. With a swift and efficient approach, the SEP support team provides solutions to any challenges that may arise. Additionally, SEP offers regular updates and training sessions to ensure that healthcare customers remain optimally protected at all times.

HINT AG trusts SEP for efficient data and disaster recovery

The HINT AG, a leading provider of tailored IT solutions for the Swiss healthcare sector, has been relying on SEP sesam’s backup solutions since 2012. By using SEP sesam, HINT AG ensures efficient data and disaster recovery protection, guaranteeing the continuity of critical IT services and compliance with data protection requirements. The company’s adherence to strict data protection laws, including the regulation that patient data must not leave Switzerland, is a central component of their IT strategy.

SEP sesam: A Tailor-Made Backup Solution for Healthcare

SEP sesam provides healthcare organizations with a tailored backup solution that meets the specific requirements of the industry, ensuring maximum data security and compliance. Positive feedback from numerous customers in the medical field confirms that our solution effectively fulfills the high demands of this sector.

SEP sesam: The German-developed backup solution for diverse systems

SEP sesam, a backup solution developed in Germany, offers a comprehensive range of features and supports various systems. Its central backup management allows customers to efficiently manage backups across diverse and heterogeneous environments. SEP sesam stands out from its competitors by providing built-in protection against ransomware through different integrations. Moreover, SEP offers the Cloud Application Protection Service (CAPS), enabling DSGVO-compliant cloud-to-cloud backups for platforms like Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Google Workspace, and Salesforce, ensuring full compliance with regulations such as DSGVO and NIS-2.

Innovative Data Backup Solutions for Healthcare Institutions by SEP sesam

SEP sesam provides hospitals and medical facilities with innovative data backup solutions that meet the highest security standards and ensure the protection of sensitive data. Designed specifically for the demanding needs of the healthcare industry, this backup software complies with legal requirements such as the GDPR and NIS-2, guaranteeing data security and compliance.

SEP sesam ensures minimal downtime and optimal patient care through its fast recovery time. In addition to providing a reliable solution, SEP also offers personalized support, training, and excellent service. Healthcare organizations trust SEP sesam to efficiently and securely protect their data. With its focus on maximum data security and compliance, SEP sesam is the ideal solution for the healthcare industry.

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