SEP sesam: Secure Multiple Hypervisors with a Single Backup Solution


SEP AG, a leading manufacturer of platform-independent backup and disaster recovery solutions, recognizes a growing demand among its customers to secure not only simple virtualization environments but also multi-hypervisor environments with a single backup solution. With recent news about VMware’s sale to Broadcom and changing partner landscapes, many users are considering a hypervisor switch. Interested parties opting for a new hypervisor and considering the SEP sesam backup solution will receive free consultation and professional services. SEP also offers attractive and customizable licensing options, providing maximum flexibility and support for renowned hypervisor alternatives alongside VMware.

SEP sesam: One Backup Solution for Multiple Hypervisors

SEP sesam offers a comprehensive data protection solution that can secure a wide range of hypervisors, including VMware, Hyper-V, Oracle Linux VM, Citrix, Red Hat Virtualization, KVM, Open Nebula, Proxmox, XCP-ng, and Nutanix AHV. Existing SEP customers can take advantage of consultation and support services when transitioning to a different hypervisor. By contacting their designated representative or support team, each customer can receive personalized guidance to simplify their management tasks and benefit from a single backup solution for heterogeneous IT environments.

Special licensing models for Managed Service Providers (MSP)

SEP offers specialized licensing models for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), allowing them to secure widely used environments with a single solution. In addition to providing backup software, SEP also offers support and consultation services to its customers, ensuring a comprehensive and convenient solution for MSPs.

SEP sesam: A Secure “Made in Germany” Solution for Complex System Environments

SEP sesam is a German-made solution that ensures security and support for various virtual environments, operating systems, applications, and databases. Its universal support for complex system environments, especially in the Apollon version, sets it apart from competitors. Customers appreciate the ability to consolidate multiple backup systems into one centrally managed backup solution. Additionally, SEP offers Immutable solutions that provide enhanced protection against ransomware by making the backup data itself immutable. With the SEP Cloud Application Protection Service (CAPS), organizations can also achieve GDPR-compliant cloud-to-cloud backup and data loss prevention for Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Google Workspace, and Dynamics 365.

Flexible licensing options for SEP sesam: Tailored solutions for MSPs

SEP offers a range of purchasing and subscription licensing options. These include transparent volume licensing based on TB data volume, as well as specialized solutions and licensing for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) at attractive price-performance ratios. The simple unit licensing allows for quick configuration and can be done directly on SEP’s website.

Secure Multiple Hypervisors with One Backup Solution: SEP sesam

SEP sesam provides a comprehensive and reliable solution for securing different hypervisors with a single backup solution. In addition to its extensive support for well-known hypervisor alternatives, SEP also offers free consultation and service assistance when transitioning to one of the many alternatives to VMware. With flexible licensing options and a strong focus on security and support for complex system environments, SEP stands out from its competitors. SEP sesam, a “Made in Germany” solution, offers customers maximum freedom and dependability in their virtualization environments.

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