SG Wireless Indoor Asset Tracking Solution Kit allows new ways in asset tracking


SG Wireless, a Hong Kong company, has introduced the new SG Wireless Indoor Asset Tracking Solution Kit. This is designed to track assets, i.e. assets, in real time. All that is needed are defined zones.

A technical achievement: the SG Wireless Indoor Asset Tracking Solution Kit

Tracking assets in real time was previously impossible or difficult. The new SG Wireless Indoor Asset Tracking Solution Kit will change that. It should be possible to track assets over defined zones. The SoC (Multiprotocol System-on-Chip) relies on Bluetooth LE from Nordic to be powered. A radius of around three meters is said to be achievable with it, so the detection accuracy is comparatively exact.

Users are told where assets have moved to. One SG Wireless Indoor Asset Tracking Solution Kit is capable of keeping an eye on a floor area of around 500 m². A total of eight assets in four defined zones can be monitored per kit. A particularly positive feature is the long range for extended coverage designed for indoor asset tracking. This allows factory or warehouse assets to be tracked.

One tag per asset required

One SG Wireless Indoor Asset Tracking Solution Kit is required per asset, attached is a so-called tag. This tag sends a data message via Bluetooth, with tags having a transmission frequency of five seconds. The gateways pick up the tags and determine their signal strength. The data is sent from the gateways via Wifi to the web application, where it can be processed using a proprietary algorithm. It is now possible to assign the tags to individual assets and locate them. Via the web application on the computer or smartphone, users can precisely track the path of an asset or its location.

Up to three million updates possible

No additional processing is required for data forwarding. Particularly advantageous: the large memory of the SoC, thanks to which large amounts of data can be stored. The tags can be operated via a button cell battery, which allows up to three million localizations within up to three years. It thus also proves to be particularly powerful.

SG Wireless believes that the new kit is probably the most versatile and cost-effective of its kind, to which Nordic’s software development kit also contributed. It provided the reference codes that helped to significantly shorten the product development cycle.

About SG Wireless

SG Wireless is the market leader in full-stack IoT development. Innovation is achieved through dedication and interdisciplinary knowledge, and SG Wireless is a company with a not-so-long history. It was only founded in 2019, and the headquarters of the former startup is in Hong Kong. The beginnings were financed by the Seasons Group, from here came not only money, but also professional know-how.

In the meantime, SG Wireless has become one of the leading companies on the IoT market and stands out above all by integrating new digital technologies into existing business models. The young company’s declared goal is to accompany companies on the path of digital transformation and to encourage employees of these companies to perform in new ways. IoT is to become a flexible tool with which new challenges can be mastered with ease.

For further information, the company is available at the above e-mail address:

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