MEAN WELL’s SHP-30K Series: High-Power Supplies for Industrial Applications


The SHP-30K series from MEAN WELL is a specialized power supply for the industry, expanding FORTEC Power’s portfolio of high-performance power supplies. With output voltages of 55, 115, 230, and 380 V DC, this series is perfectly suited for industrial applications with high power demands. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of industrial applications.

Powerful and efficient SHP-30K power supplies for demanding applications

The SHP-30K series of power supplies from MEAN WELL is an ideal solution for industrial applications with high power demands. With a rated power of up to 30 kW and an impressive efficiency of up to 97%, these power supplies meet the requirements of UV or laser applications, electrolysis systems, 5G base stations, and battery charging stations. They ensure reliable power supply for these demanding applications.

High-power 3-phase power supplies for parallel operation of multiple devices

The SHP-30K power supplies are 3-phase units with an input voltage range of 340 to 530 V AC. They do not require a separate neutral wire for operation and can even operate up to 12 devices in parallel thanks to their Active-Current-Sharing function. This allows for the construction of a highly powerful and compact power supply system with a total output of up to 285 kW.

Integrated Monitoring Signals for Quick Control and Secure Integration

The SHP-30K series offers integrated monitoring signals such as over-temperature alarm, DC-OK, fan failure alarm, and AC-OK. This allows users to quickly monitor and securely integrate it into an existing system. Additionally, the fully digital design enables real-time control and monitoring via CANBus (optional PMBus, RS-485 protocol, or MODBus). These features make the SHP-30K power supplies an ideal solution for modern IIoT applications.

Wide temperature range enables reliable operation in challenging environments

The lüftergekühlten SHP-30K-Netzteile power supplies are designed to operate in a wide temperature range, from -30 °C to +50 °C, even under full load conditions. With a derating consideration, they can even function in environments with temperatures up to +70 °C. This exceptional temperature range makes them perfect for demanding industrial applications where extreme temperatures may be encountered.

Reliable and Certified Power Supplies with Multiple Output Voltages

The SHP-30K series from FORTEC Power is a certified power supply solution that meets the requirements of EN/UL 62368-1. With output voltages ranging from 55V to 380V DC, these power supplies offer reliable and safe operation. Customers can trust in the reliability and safety of these power supplies, with the added assurance of a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. Additionally, FORTEC Power provides excellent customer support, ensuring that customers have assistance whenever needed.

SHP-30K Series: Reliable and Powerful Power Supply Solutions

The SHP-30K series from FORTEC Power is a highly versatile and efficient power supply solution designed for industrial applications with high power demands. With its impressive power output, exceptional efficiency, and flexible design, it offers reliable and high-performance power delivery. Whether it’s for UV or laser applications, electrolysis systems, 5G base stations, or battery charging stations, the SHP-30K series ensures a stable and consistent power supply for demanding industrial applications.

The SHP-30K series from FORTEC Power is highly suitable for modern IIoT applications, thanks to its integrated monitoring functions and digital interfaces. With its certification according to EN/UL 62368-1 and a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, it offers reliability and safety. This makes the SHP-30K series an excellent choice for industrial power supply requirements.

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