SYS partners with SMS group to optimize energy consumption and increase operational efficiency


The Siam Yamato Steel Company Limited (SYS) has made the strategic decision to implement the advanced energy management solution, Viridis Performance, developed by the SMS group. This innovative system, based on artificial intelligence models, analyzes real-time data to optimize the production process and reduce energy consumption. As a result, the energy efficiency of the production is significantly enhanced, leading to cost savings and a substantial reduction in the CO2 footprint.

SYS partners with Vetta to implement Viridis Performance in Rayong

SYS, a leading producer of hot-rolled construction steel in Thailand, has partnered with Vetta, the Brazilian subsidiary of SMS group, to implement the Viridis Performance system in its production facilities in Rayong. By using advanced AI models, this technology analyzes real-time data to reduce energy consumption without compromising production performance.

SYS Improves Energy Efficiency in Warm Rolling Mills with Viridis Performance

SYS operates two hot rolling mills in Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate and WHA Eastern Industrial Estate (Map Ta Phut), with a total production capacity of 1.1 million tons per year. The Viridis Suite, including Viridis Performance, aims to improve energy efficiency in these mills. The system enables real-time monitoring of relevant energy consumption variables such as electricity and natural gas, providing specialized dashboards that display real-time data and set values. Operators can quickly respond to any deviations, ensuring optimal performance and energy savings.

SYS demonstrates commitment to sustainability with use of recycled steel

The Map Ta Phut facility of SYS demonstrates its commitment to sustainability through the use of an electric arc furnace that exclusively utilizes recycled steel raw materials. Equipped with a state-of-the-art chemical composition control system, this furnace enables the production of high-quality semi-finished and finished products such as wide flange beams, I-profiles, and U-profiles.

Reliable data processing and metallurgical expertise combined for steel production efficiency

The Viridis solution, integrated into the new CoE Solutions X business unit of SMS group, combines reliable data processing with comprehensive metallurgical knowledge. This area brings together electrical & automation, service, and digitalization to enable maximum efficiency and economic viability in steel production.

Plant Manager praises SMS group and Vetta’s competence in metallurgy and technology, highlighting the potential of Viridis Performance solution for improving operational effectiveness and energy efficiency, resulting in cost savings and higher ROI

Piya Chairat, Plant Manager at SYS-MTP, praises the metallurgical and technological expertise of SMS group and Vetta. He highlights the potential of the Viridis Performance solution to increase operational effectiveness and improve energy efficiency, leading to cost savings and higher capital returns.

Bernhard Steenken, CSO of SMS group for APAC & MEA, emphasizes that Viridis Performance is an example of technology convergence, as it combines advanced digital algorithms and mathematical models with SMS expertise to ensure optimal results in the steelworks sector. This innovative solution harnesses the power of data analysis and industry knowledge to optimize processes and improve efficiency in steel production. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, SMS group is able to deliver superior performance and achieve significant cost savings for its clients.

Viridis Performance enhances energy efficiency and reduces costs at Siam Yamato Steel

The implementation of Viridis Performance at Siam Yamato Steel, as summarized by Fernanda Drumond, Head of Energy and Sustainability at Vetta – SMS group, leads to improved energy efficiency, reduced costs, increased performance, and minimized CO2 footprint. This solution serves as a compelling example of successfully combining modern technology and sustainability in the steel industry.

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