SIMCom: With 5G to the next IIoT development stage of Industry 4.0


SIMCom, in collaboration with semiconductor manufacturer Qualcomm and mobile communications company Ericsson, hosted the webinar “IIoT Revolution in 5G Era”, presenting the state of the art of the latest IIoT developments for Industry 4.0.

SIMCom: efficient operations management with 5G

The market leader in module delivery, SIMCom is working closely with Qualcomm and Ericsson to support customers in the area of intelligent warehouse management and order processing. In doing so, its modules, such as the UAV, 5G CPE, among others, enable the deployment of industrial routers for real-time data transmissions. The small size of the devices offers low-effort installation into existing systems, for example, for management operations for purchases, location determinations and tracking of delivery routes. The company predicts a significant increase in the control of internal processes with growing opportunities for duplication in the processing of orders.

Qualcomm: IIOT enabler

California-based semiconductor manufacturer and wireless technology provider Qualcomm sees itself as an enabler for the implementation of the 5G standard in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). To this end, it is developing solutions that update already established IIOT platforms and are intended to help transform systems that are still mostly wired into the already emerging future of wireless transmission. The source of this goal is the company’s proprietary offering, the 315 5G IoT modem, which was explicitly designed for industrial applications. Its optimized power consumption, thermal insulation and gigabit performance thereby form the basis for performative and speed-oriented IoT requirements.

Ericsson: Industry 4.0 for every type of company

The Swedish mobile communications group Ericsson has made a promise to its customers worldwide to provide them with the connectivity they need to connect to the future of industrial manufacturing. The main objective of this Industry 4.0 is the symbiosis of all operational, informational and communicative processes with digital connections to IoT systems in order to accelerate existing processes and make them more efficient. To this end, the focus is primarily on 5G, which promises very low latencies with simultaneously realizable high data volumes and stable communication paths. With it and Ericsson’s range of connectivity lab tests, every company, regardless of its size, should be able to use Industry 4.0 applications worldwide.

5G: More speed Stability and security

The new 5G standard enables its users to achieve an unprecedented form of digital connectivity. Not only can it achieve perceptibly higher speeds, more bandwidth, fewer network outages, but also significantly increased security in the networking of devices. In particular, it puts the industrial users of this technology in a comfortable position to run their ventures more efficiently. For example, IIoT companies are already able to use it to monitor ongoing operations in detail in real time. Not only can they keep a constant eye on the quality of their products. They can also manage their supply chain more efficiently while complying with environmental standards.

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