Singapore Government Invests $20 Million in AI Scholarships and Internships


The Singapore government has announced several AI initiatives during the Committee of Supply (COS) Debates 2024 to promote the country’s future economic growth. These initiatives include measures to foster AI research talents and investments in millions of dollars for AI scholarships and overseas internships. The aim is to establish Singapore as a leading hub for AI and to harness AI for the benefit of the public.

Singapore Government Invests $20 Million in AI Scholarships and Internships

The Singaporean government is taking proactive steps to address the growing demand for AI professionals by investing over $20 million in AI scholarships and overseas internships. These initiatives aim to encourage more students to pursue AI studies and apply their knowledge and skills in industries. The scholarships offer students the opportunity to work in the industry upon graduation, while the overseas internships provide them with practical experience in solving real-world problems.

Singapore Government Invests $500 Million in High-Performance Computing for AI Innovation

Singapore’s government is aiming to boost AI innovation by investing up to $500 million in high-performance computers. These computers will be utilized for both AI research and skills development, with the objective of positioning Singapore as a leading hub for AI innovation and stimulating industry investments in this field. This substantial investment demonstrates Singapore’s commitment to fostering technological advancements and solidifying its reputation as a global leader in AI research and development. The government’s proactive approach showcases its dedication to leveraging AI’s potential for economic growth and societal benefits.

Singapur Government Launches Initiative to Support Customized Generative AI Applications

The Generative AI x Digital Leaders Initiative, launched by the Singapore government, aims to provide companies with access to expertise and resources in the field of Generative AI. This initiative enables companies to implement customized Generative AI applications and enhance their capabilities in this area. By doing so, it supports companies in achieving their business goals more effectively and improving their competitiveness.

PDPC Releases Guidelines for Responsible Handling of Personal Data in AI Systems

The Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) has developed and published guidelines for the responsible handling of personal data in AI recommendation and decision-making systems. These guidelines aim to establish effective security measures to prevent the misuse of AI and ensure that the technology is developed and deployed in a secure and trustworthy manner. Additionally, the PDPC is also reviewing the application of these guidelines to generative AI applications. This demonstrates the commitment of the PDPC to promote ethical and responsible use of AI in Singapore.

The government of Singapore’s initiatives in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) offer numerous benefits for the country. By investing in AI research talent, scholarships, and international internships, the government ensures the availability of highly skilled AI professionals. The provision of high-performance computers promotes AI innovation and enables companies to enhance their capabilities in this field.

Singapur’s commitment to responsible handling of personal data in AI systems is evident through the development and publication of guidelines. These guidelines ensure that AI systems are deployed in a safe, trustworthy, and ethically sound manner, promoting the country as a leading hub for AI innovation. Singapur’s proactive approach not only safeguards the interests of individuals but also enables the nation to harness the diverse economic and societal benefits that Artificial Intelligence has to offer.

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