Cross-industry alliance: SMA and Samsung shape new paths for heat pumps


The future looks promising for homeowners as SMA and Samsung link their communications to enable the integration of Samsung heating solutions into SMA’s smart energy management. The use of an innovative cloud-to-cloud solution will also enable the integration of solar systems with SMA inverters into Samsung’s smart home world “SmartThings”. This collaboration offers users the opportunity to seamlessly integrate their heating solutions into their homes and become independent of rising energy prices.

Innovation for the Smart Home: SMA and Samsung Enable Easy Integration of Eco Heating Systems”

Jan Van Laethem, Executive Vice President, Business Segment Home at SMA, emphasises the importance of the new cloud-to-cloud solution from SMA and Samsung to provide all users with a secure and environmentally friendly energy supply. The integration of Samsung Eco Heating Systems makes it easier for users to control their energy generators and users in the home by connecting energy and smart home management. SMA once again shows itself to be a pioneer not only in the field of solar technology, but also in energy management.

Samsung is actively committed to sustainability and innovation and has therefore chosen to work with SMA, a global leader in photovoltaic and storage system technologies. The integration of SmartThings Energy with SMA’s PV systems provides customers with an advanced solution for controlling their heating and hot water. It also enables them to closely monitor and regulate their energy consumption and carbon emissions. This strategic partnership between Samsung and SMA is a clear sign of their shared goal to provide innovative and sustainable technologies that help customers manage their energy consumption efficiently and minimise their carbon footprint.

The Sunny Home Manager 2.0 from SMA offers a comprehensive approach to intelligent energy management and the optimal use of solar energy. In addition to the integration of heat pumps and battery storage, the system also enables the seamless integration of wallboxes and household appliances such as washing machines. The manager uses self-learning algorithms and precise weather forecasts to control all energy flows fully automatically. This ensures efficient use of solar energy from your own solar system and maximises energy efficiency in the home. With over 200,000 devices worldwide, the Sunny Home Manager is a proven and successful solution that has proven itself in many households.

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