Smart City St.Gallen: ITrocks! And the vision of the city council


In St.Gallen, an interesting program was presented by the association ITrockt in collaboration with the city, with the University of Applied Sciences OST and several associations and technology specialists under the hashtag #sanktdigital. It is all about Smart City St.Gallen. This tranquil town, which is also very popular with numerous vacationers, has made it its goal to become a smart city. This ambitious goal is to be achieved by introducing digital processes and networking.

The Smart City St.Gallen vision

The plan is to achieve complete networking by means of ITrockt and the IoT. This is intended to bring the vision of a Smart City St.Gallen into being. A large part of the activities in this area are already presented in the station hall. There is to be a use of the participation platform of the city of St.Gallen as well as a free use of administrative data. This should make it possible for every citizen to participate in events and also to be able to follow all administrative activities.

Smart City St.Gallen is being driven forward

A virtual city tour is already possible. This takes place in the event bus. Visitors can explore the entire city there in virtual form. For example, special areas or popular places can be explored at leisure. In addition, companies and all other important institutions can be visited during this virtual city tour. Of course, visitors are also provided with the most important facts and figures at the same time.

So-called tech talks take place in the well-known Tibits restaurant. Experts from various fields give presentations and explain various things to those present. The challenges of digitization are also addressed. In this way, citizens are informed very extensively about what is going on. The increasing digitalization and the vision of the Smart City St.Gallen concerns everyone. That is why events like the Tech Talks at Tibits are very important for the success of this ambitious project.

Extensive collaboration is needed

In addition to the City of St.Gallen and the University of Applied Sciences OST, several other institutions are involved in implementing the vision for Smart City St.Gallen. These include the IG IoT OST association, the GBS and also the Abraxas. In addition, numerous artists and various professionals from the field of digitization are on board. Broad support is provided by technically competent technology specialists.

Information is available to every interested party

Information regarding Smart City St.Gallen is available on the Internet for anyone interested. All important info is visible on the ITrockt websites. Those responsible in the region are concerned with a high level of transparency so that every citizen can inform themselves.

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