Smart Cockpit Computer sets standards with 4-in-1 solution and diverse range of functions


With our cost-optimised Smart Cockpit High-Performance Computer (HPC), users get impressive performance without sacrificing user experience. By implementing a pre-configured Cockpit HPC system, we were able to achieve a fast time-to-market within a remarkably short period of only 18 months to provide our customers with an effective and timely solution.

Continental presents the Smart Cockpit HPC, a high-performance vehicle computer that provides optimal system performance for an integrated feature set. This HPC aims to balance user experience, system performance, cost and development time. With this development, Continental underpins its extensive expertise in the development of domain-specific and cross-domain HPCs and consolidates its position as one of the leading technology companies in the market for software-defined vehicles and in the implementation of complex HPC projects

Continental has introduced the Smart Cockpit HPC, a high-performance computer (HPC) designed specifically for use in vehicles. This HPC provides optimal system performance for a pre-integrated feature set and aims to achieve a balance between user experience, system performance, cost and short development time. With this development, Continental underpins its extensive expertise in the development of HPCs for various application areas. The company is positioning itself as a leading technology company in the emerging market of the software-defined vehicle and in the management of complex HPC projects.

Continental is expanding its portfolio of HPC solutions for the automotive market. The Smart Cockpit HPC enables our customers to implement an increasingly automated and exciting mobility experience in an effective and timely manner. Jean-Francois Tarabbia, Head of Architecture and Networking at Continental, emphasises the on-demand delivery of this solution.

Benefiting from the merger: The ideal intersection of different domains

The Smart Cockpit HPC is particularly convincing due to its optimally adapted system performance, which was specially developed for a pre-integrated set of functions. It impresses with fast response times and a smooth user interface, even for functions that cross different domains. This approach, in collaboration with Continental, enables car manufacturers to minimise costs and time during the development phase. By pre-integrating advanced cluster and infotainment functions, hardware costs in the cockpit domain can be minimised. This ultimately leads to a fast time to market – from order placement to series production in just 18 months.

Efficient function integration: Several functions optimally combined

The Smart Cockpit HPC is characterised by its extensive integration of different domains and functions. It combines cluster, infotainment and Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) in a single system, enabling efficient collaboration and optimised use. The interface to the Android Operating System facilitates interaction with infotainment components such as display, radio, telephone, phone mirroring and navigation.

Thanks to the Smart Cockpit HPC, the vehicle architecture is experiencing a groundbreaking innovation. All cluster and infotainment functions are brought together in a single box, significantly reducing the number of control units and wiring harnesses previously required. This leads to a significant simplification of the vehicle architecture. The system is primarily designed for use with two displays in the centre stack and instrument cluster, but can also be expanded to include a third display, such as a head-up display. Despite its pre-configured nature, the Smart Cockpit HPC allows for customisation in the area of Human Machine Interface and hardware interfaces.

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