Smart Kitchen: Market with a volume of 4.4 billion will grow by 17.5% annually until 2030


In every apartment, the kitchen is one of the rooms where most people work and where the highest energy consumption takes place. That is why innovations in the Smart Kitchen area are always particularly interesting. On the part of consumers, there is a great demand in this area. Nowadays hardly anyone likes to spend hours preparing food. Then everything has to be washed off afterwards. With the help of modern technology, the work can be made much easier and, above all, more cost-effective. Therefore, the entire Smart Kitchen market offers enormous potential for growth.

Special innovations in the Smart Kitchen area

There is always a lot of technology in the kitchen. For example, the Smart Refrigerator could be mentioned. These are intelligent refrigerators. They recognize what food is in it and what should be bought again soon. A very interesting device is the Insta View refrigerator from LG. Knocking on the door twice is enough. You can then see what supplies are inside without having to open the door. That saves a lot of energy.

In addition to the Smart Refrigerator, there are also interesting Cook Tops. These include the Smart Oven or the complete Smart Cookware. The technology includes food processors, microwave ovens and other devices for cooking and baking that can communicate with each other. The Cook Tops help users prepare food. That’s why even inexperienced cooks can use the Smart Cookware or the Smart Oven to create delicious dishes.

Why is Smart Kitchen so popular?

The desire for less housework is growing. In today’s world, most people are employed and a lot is demanded of them at work. Hardly anyone feels like working in the kitchen for hours after work. For example, it makes sense if the refrigerator sends a message to the smartphone in good time, telling them which groceries are about to run out. Then you can go shopping on the way home from work. This not only saves time, but also fuel.

When you get home, the modern smart cookware takes care of preparing dinner. The dishes are then also washed with modern sMART dishwashing machines. In any case, it is pleasant when housework is made easier thanks to innovative technology.

A market with enormous growth

The already very large Smart Kitchen market is subject to strong annual growth of around 17.5 percent. The Smart Dishwashes have been around for a while. In the meantime, modern cooking appliances that work on the basis of the IoT are becoming more and more important. However, the real reason is not just convenience.

It is now also about saving energy costs. If dishes can be prepared faster thanks to modern technology, significantly less energy is used. This in turn benefits the environment. That is why the entire Smart Kitchen area is a win for everyone.

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