Privacy Risks: Smartwatches for Kids Pose Potential Dangers


Smart products have become increasingly popular in today’s society, with devices such as children’s smartwatches, robotic vacuum cleaners, and voice assistants being commonly used. However, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks associated with these devices, as highlighted by experts. Many of these devices are equipped with cameras and microphones that can unknowingly record audio and video of those nearby, compromising privacy and enabling spying. In some cases, these devices may even be illegal in certain countries due to violations of privacy laws. It is crucial for buyers to thoroughly review the functionality and privacy policies of such devices before making a purchase.

The Risks of Smart Gifts: Children’s Privacy at Stake

Children who are equipped with smart gifts such as children’s smartwatches are particularly vulnerable. These intelligent watches offer various functions, including emailing, calling, and monitoring fitness. However, there are risks involved, as highlighted by the ARAG experts. The sensors and cameras in these watches can compromise children’s privacy by storing personal data insecurely or intercepting it by third parties. Moreover, insecure Wi-Fi connections can attract hackers.

The GPS function of smartwatches can pose a risk as it allows the exact location of the child to be tracked at all times. This can lead to potential misuse and privacy violations. In addition, insecure communication features can enable unauthorized individuals to contact the child. Parents should therefore ensure that the privacy settings are in place, activate child safety features, and educate their children about responsible smartwatch usage.

Privacy Concerns: Smartwatches with Cameras and Audio Recording

Smartwatches with integrated cameras that can secretly record and transmit footage should be approached with caution. Such devices violate the Telecommunications and Telemedia Data Protection Act (TTDSG). Features like the “baby monitor function” or “voice monitoring” that allow the watch to covertly capture voices and sounds should be avoided. However, children’s smartwatches with built-in mobile phones are generally permissible as long as they do not enable eavesdropping on the surrounding environment.

Risks of Uncontrolled Gaming: ARAG Experts Highlight Concerns

Digital games are a popular Christmas gift for children, but they come with risks. Experts warn that uncontrolled gaming can lead to neglecting school, friends, and hobbies, and even result in gaming disorder. To help assess if too much time is spent online, the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) offers a self-test for video game addiction.

In-game purchases can be enticing for children as they offer the opportunity to enhance their gaming experience by spending their own money on extras. To ensure responsible gaming habits, it is important for parents to become more knowledgeable about digital games, understand their content, and establish clear rules and designated play times with their children. Age ratings and educational platforms can assist in selecting appropriate games.

Ensure your privacy: Understanding the functions and privacy policies of smart gifts

It is crucial to familiarize oneself with the functionality and data protection regulations of smart gifts such as children’s smartwatches in advance. Ownership and usage of such devices may be prohibited in Germany and pose a threat to privacy. Additionally, parents should ensure that their children use smartwatches and computer games responsibly. Providing thorough education and establishing clear rules can help minimize the associated risks.

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