Integrated intelligence: Smart solutions for compressed air, process gas and vacuum


In the industrial world, a reliable supply of process air is as important as the air people breathe. Without it, many industrial processes such as transport, ventilation, cooling, mixing, drying or packaging could not be carried out. High-performance blowers and compressors are therefore indispensable in various fields of application. At the Hannover Messe, AERZEN, a leading pioneer in compressed air technology, will present groundbreaking technologies and solutions that take into account the latest trends such as energy efficiency, digitalisation, hydrogen compression and customised special solutions.

Innovative and cost-efficient: AERZEN sets standards in process technology

Customisation and high flexibility: The 2C screw compressor delivers oil-free compressed air at 4-11.5 bar (g) (Foto: AERZEN)

Customisation and high flexibility: The 2C screw compressor delivers oil-free compressed air at 4-11.5 bar (g) (Foto: AERZEN)

When it comes to conveying or compressing air and gases, companies rely on AERZEN machines. These high-performance units offer optimum performance, high energy efficiency and low life cycle costs. They guarantee absolute process reliability and are among the most innovative products on the market. Visitors to the Hannover Messe will have the opportunity to see for themselves the customised, efficient and intelligent solutions for compressed air, process gas and vacuum technology from AERZEN in the capital of Lower Saxony from 17 to 21 April 2023..

Wide range of trend-setting solutions for blowers and compressors

Among the exhibits are various product ranges, including the Delta Screw (screw compressors) and Delta Hybrid (screw blowers), which are known for their high efficiency. Furthermore, oil-injected screw compressor stages used in stationary or mobile air compressors are presented, as well as vacuum blowers and water-injected screw compressor stages that enable efficient and safe compression of hydrogen. A remarkable example of customer-oriented developments are the two-stage screw compressors of the 2C series.

With the 2C series, the compressed air units can be flexibly adapted to the individual requirements of applications. Due to the seamless overlapping of the performance ranges, it is possible to optimally adjust both volume flows and pressure ranges. This achieves maximum utilisation of the machines, which in turn leads to extremely economical operation. Optionally, the water-cooled design of the units can enable heat recovery via heat exchangers, which opens up additional energy efficiency potential.

AERprogress: Smart solutions for workflow optimisation through digital services

A pioneering example of the digital transformation of blower technology is the innovative IIoT platform AERprogress. By using existing machine and sensor data, various parameters such as failure probabilities, operating states, trends and optimisation possibilities are analysed. The installation of expensive sensors on the process air units becomes unnecessary, as AERprogress already uses existing data. This scalable platform offers companies various application scenarios such as energy efficiency optimisation, live monitoring or predictive maintenance.

Enjoy the comfort: Rental machines from Aerzen Rental with all-round carefree package

When you have a temporary need for air or need a quick solution, you can count on Aerzen Rental. Aerzen Rental offers you comprehensive solutions for short and medium-term rental. Thanks to the plug-and-play concept, all machines are ready for immediate use. In addition, a comprehensive accessories portfolio is available to you, including power distributors, cables, piping, coolers, dryers, condensate separators and much more. On request, we can also hand over the complete rental system to you turnkey ready – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Hydrogen compression through the use of screw compressors

Another important focus of the trade fair is hydrogen compression. AERZEN has been working intensively on this topic for many decades and offers a wide selection of compressor stages, including both oil-free and oil-flooded variants. AERZEN’s screw compressors achieve top values in terms of efficiency, space requirements, cost-effectiveness and process reliability and have proven successful in numerous applications. Particularly noteworthy is their insensitivity to fluctuating operating conditions and the fact that their design allows internal compression without free mass forces. As a result, the screw compressors are extremely reliable, require only low maintenance and cause comparatively low operating costs in both full and partial load operation.

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