SmartHome Deutschland Awards 2024: Recognizing Innovation in Energiemanagement and Wärmewende


The SmartHome Deutschland Awards ceremony took place in Berlin on Tuesday, where winners in the categories of energy management, heat transition, and innovative housing concepts were announced. This prestigious event has been held for the 13th time, recognizing outstanding achievements in the field of smart home technology.

Smart-Home technologies crucial in addressing current challenges, says jury chair

Professor Birgit Wilkes, Chairwoman of the jury, emphasized the increasing importance of the Smart Home industry in addressing current challenges during the awards ceremony. Whether it’s the energy transition, electric vehicle charging management, or demographic changes, Smart Home technologies play a crucial role. They have become an essential component of many system solutions.

uCORE Systems GmbH wins award for innovative residential and neighborhood center

  • The uCORE Systems GmbH was awarded first place for their project “Smart by uCORE: The Wohn- & Quartierzentrum WoQuaZ”
  • The project “Einfamilienhaus im Herzen der Bernsteinstadt” by Elektroanlagen Borchert GmbH won first place
  • The project “Smart Heating Control via Room Booking Tool” by viadee Unternehmensberatung AG won first place

ise individuelle Software and Elektronik GmbH wins Energiemanagement award

  • ise individuelle Software and Elektronik GmbH won the award for their “Energiemanagement endlich einfach” project using Smart Connect KNX e-Charge II
  • The SymBox Pro by Symcon GmbH is an advanced development
  • Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG was awarded for their innovative Gira F1 – KNX Bridge and SIP Firewall

elio GmbH revolutionizes energy and heat management

  • Elio GmbH, awarded for rethinking energy and heat solutions
  • Aksen & Inco Smartsystems GbR is a specialist in providing customized smart home solutions
  • Vreeda GmbH, a company specializing in smart technology, enhances everyday life

The SmartHome Initiative Germany e.V. expressed their gratitude to all participants and especially to the three winning companies for their commitment. They acknowledged the efforts and dedication shown by the winners and appreciated their contribution to the advancement of smart home technologies. The organization recognized the importance of the companies’ engagement in promoting sustainable and comfortable living and working environments. Overall, the SmartHome Initiative Germany e.V. emphasized the significance of the awards in recognizing and encouraging innovation in the smart home industry.

The support of the SmartHome Deutschland Awards by the KNX Association and KNX Deutschland emphasizes the importance of diversity in the smart home industry. According to Markus Fromm-Wittenberg, Chairman of KNX Deutschland, diversity is crucial in assisting users in their decision-making process, particularly in the context of SmartHome and Smart-Building applications.

The German Energy Agency GmbH, with its Competence Center for Energy Efficiency through Digitalization (KEDi), also supported the award. Thomas Koutalidis from KEDi emphasized the importance of digital solutions in reducing energy consumption in buildings and praised the award for its contribution to increasing the visibility of these solutions.

The SmartHome Deutschland Awards 2024 have recognized and celebrated the most innovative Smart-Home solutions that are making a significant impact in addressing current challenges. The winners have exemplified how Smart-Home technologies can be utilized in the areas of energy management, heat transition, and residential concepts to create sustainable and comfortable living and working environments.

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