Cisco snaps up Smartlook for data analysis


To expand its Cisco AppDynamics and Full-Stack Observability offerings, Cisco recently acquired analytics company Smartlook. This acquisition will enable customers to better understand and optimise their applications and systems, leading to increased efficiency and performance.

New insights for Cisco AppDynamics through acquisition of Smartlook

Ronak Desai, senior vice president & GM of AppDynamics and FSO at Cisco, announced this week that Cisco will acquire Smartlook – an innovative analytics solutions provider. This acquisition will enable Cisco to add new application and user experience insights, analytics and troubleshooting capabilities to its full-stack observability digital experience monitoring solution from AppDynamics. By bringing together Smartlook’s technologies and Cisco’s digital experience expertise, Cisco will be able to offer its customers even more comprehensive solutions to optimise their digital performance.

Seamless user experience in the digital world

In the digital world, intuitive and powerful digital services are critical to attracting and retaining customers. Poor user experience can lead to a decline in customer engagement, poor brand perception and ultimately a loss of market share.

DEM technology can be used to model user interactions with digital products and services in the form of user journeys. This is done by continuously monitoring the performance and quality of the digital experience on different devices and across digital endpoints such as APIs, IoT devices and SaaS services. The technology enables end-to-end monitoring of the user experience when using applications and services that are accessible from any location and with any device.

Innovative tools to improve digital monitoring

The Smartlook team has extensive experience in developing UX platforms for web and mobile applications. The platform includes advanced Real User Monitoring (RUM), which is an important component of Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM). It enables the recording of sessions and the analysis of events to gain insights into the digital behaviour of end users in production environments and to improve the user experience.

By using data analytics tools, organisations can improve their troubleshooting efficiency and optimise the user experience. Analysing data from multiple sources enables businesses to identify and respond to patterns in user interaction to improve the user experience. An improved user experience can lead to higher user retention and improved business results.

During the 2023 financial year, it is envisaged that Smartlook will be acquired by the Company. The aim is to complete the acquisition in the fourth quarter, but unforeseen events or delays may affect this schedule. However, the acquisition will be completed as soon as possible to ensure a smooth integration of Smartlook into the Company.

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