SMIGHT Grid2 enables precise and cost-effective network planning


The introduction of SMIGHT Grid2 by the Stadtwerke Metzingen has allowed them to optimize the utilization of their low-voltage network and strategically drive network expansion where it is truly necessary. With the increasing number of photovoltaic systems, electric mobility, and heat pumps, there has been a significant increase in network load in recent months. Previously, network planning relied solely on empirical values and planning assumptions, resulting in high investments for the network operator. SMIGHT Grid2 provides real-time data, enabling precise and effective network planning.

Improved network planning and utilization with real-time data monitoring

The implementation of SMIGHT Grid2 enables the Stadtwerke Metzingen to make informed decisions based on real-time data. This solution accurately measures the electricity flow, phase angle, and power factor in the local grid stations. The collected data is seamlessly integrated into the network planning system of Netze BW, allowing the Stadtwerke Metzingen to optimize their operations and investments. With access to precise and relevant measurements, the Stadtwerke Metzingen can ensure efficient and effective management of their power distribution network.

By utilizing SMIGHT Grid2, the employees of Stadtwerke Metzingen can now work with precise and relevant measurement data, enabling them to conduct better and more efficient network planning. Additionally, they receive additional information about the stations through a monthly report, allowing them to monitor load development and identify trends in the network areas.

SMIGHT Grid2: Optimized Network Planning and Financial Resource Allocation

The implementation of SMIGHT Grid2 has provided numerous benefits for the Stadtwerke Metzingen. By utilizing real-time data, they are now able to effectively plan and allocate their financial resources. This enables them to accurately identify areas in the network that require immediate attention, allowing them to optimize their network planning, particularly with regards to their finances. As a result of this more precise network planning, they have already managed to reduce costs associated with new transformer stations, as it was discovered that certain load hotspots were less critical than initially believed.

Easy and hassle-free installation of SMIGHT solution for Stadtwerke Metzingen

The installation of the SMIGHT solution was a straightforward and hassle-free process for the Stadtwerke Metzingen. The delivery of the equipment was prompt, arriving within two weeks of the order placement, and the installation and commissioning were completed without any issues. Within a short time frame of less than two hours, the Stadtwerke team was able to access the initial data through the web portal.

The competent team at SMIGHT is always available to provide support and assistance. The Stadtwerke Metzingen not only appreciate the data itself, but also the data processing and visualization capabilities provided by the web portal, which offer immediate actionable insights. Additionally, SMIGHT’s knowledgeable customer support helps the Stadtwerke Metzingen to better understand and interpret the data, enhancing their overall experience and utilization of the solution.

SMIGHT Grid2 enables precise and cost-effective network planning for Stadtwerke Metzingen

The implementation of SMIGHT Grid2 has enabled the Stadtwerke Metzingen to improve the precision and cost-effectiveness of their network planning. By using real-time data, they can accurately identify areas in need of action and allocate their financial resources accordingly. The benefits of SMIGHT Grid2 include its quick and seamless installation process, user-friendly interface, and the support provided by SMIGHT’s knowledgeable team. Overall, this IoT solution empowers the Stadtwerke Metzingen to optimize the utilization of their low-voltage network and strategically drive network expansion.

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