SMS Group Implements Private 5G Network for Metallurgical Industry


The SMS group is constructing a “private 5G campus network” at its Hilchenbach site in the Siegerland region, aimed at facilitating research and development in the metallurgical industry. By leveraging the capabilities of the 5G standard, the company is able to achieve data transmission speeds up to ten times faster than traditional LTE networks. This advancement enables the implementation of more secure and flexible real-time applications in production, while also contributing to reduced energy consumption and emissions.

SMS Group’s Private 5G Network Enables Diverse Test Environments for 5G Applications

The private 5G network by SMS serves as the foundation for diverse test environments to implement 5G use cases. It includes applications from the fields of mobility, industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and lone worker applications, which are integrated and extensively tested. The objective is to further develop and optimize these applications for customers in the metallurgical industry.

Through the partnership with Ericsson and Mugler, the private 5G network was successfully deployed just four weeks after the start of the project. Built on the Ericsson Private 5G Technology (EP5G), this network enables real-time data provision and processing on a global scale. The collaboration between these companies has proven to be highly efficient in implementing the network, showcasing their expertise in the telecommunications industry.

The private 5G network by SMS serves as more than just a testing environment; it also acts as a platform for implementing insights gained from various funded research projects. These projects, such as 5G-Furios by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Horizon 2020, Zero-SWARM by the European Union, and the CLOUD56 research project by the Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport (BMDV), contribute to evaluating advanced digitalization technologies in the steel industry.

Stefan Richter, Head of Local Networks Campus Networks at Mugler SE, emphasizes the potential of the partnership to significantly advance the digitalization of the industry and create innovative solutions. By leveraging the SMS group’s footprint in the steel industry and Ericsson’s 5G technology, Mugler SE aims to drive forward the adoption of digital solutions and revolutionize industrial processes.

Jens Petri, Head of Technologies and Partnerships at SMS digital, highlights the introduction of a scalable and easily integrable sensor solution for manufacturing companies. Through 5G connectivity, this solution enables the transmission and processing of data, providing valuable insights into the production process. Developed and tested at the SMS group location in Hilchenbach, this innovation bridges the gap between the physical, sensor, operational technology, and information technology domains.

SMS group is a global leader in the machinery and plant engineering sector for the metal industry. With over 150 years of experience and digital expertise, the company is committed to continuous innovation and generates a revenue of approximately 2.6 billion euros. SMS group provides comprehensive support to its customers throughout the entire lifecycle of their plants, placing great emphasis on sustainability and resource-efficient value chains. The company’s stated goal is to enable a carbon-neutral and sustainable metal industry. As a global player with German roots, SMS group takes responsibility for its approximately 14,500 employees.

The private 5G campus network provided by SMS group offers numerous benefits to the metallurgical industry. With data transmission speeds up to ten times faster than traditional LTE networks, it enables secure and flexible real-time applications in production. By integrating applications from the mobility, IIoT, and lone worker domains, the practical implementation is optimized. The partnership with Ericsson and involvement in funded research projects contribute to the advancement of cutting-edge digitalization technologies. Overall, the private 5G network from SMS group represents a significant step in evaluating and implementing 5G in the steel industry.

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