Successful completion of subsidized fiber optic expansion in Sömmerda district


The completion of the subsidized fiber optic expansion in parts of the Sömmerda district was celebrated today with a symbolic light festival in Weißensee. The Thüringer Netkom GmbH from Erfurt has built a modern fiber optic network in the region since the summer of 2022, providing broadband communication with speeds of up to one gigabit/s to all customers, especially private households. This new technology surpasses the previous copper/DSL techniques.

Successful Completion of Fiber Optic Network Expansion in Sömmerda Region

The recently completed fiber optic network installation in the regions of Bilzingsleben, Kindelbrück, and Weißensee has successfully connected a total of 412 households, 51 businesses, and three schools. This extensive project involved laying approximately 114 kilometers of high-quality glass fiber cables, enabling these “white spots” to now have access to high-speed internet services. The funding for this broadband expansion was provided entirely by public grants, without any financial contribution required from the local municipalities.

Thüringer Netkom GmbH: Leading Telecommunications Provider in Thuringia

The Thüringer Netkom GmbH, a subsidiary of TEAG Thüringer Energie AG, is the leading telecommunications service provider in Thuringia. With a state-of-the-art fiber optic network spanning over 6,600 kilometers and more than 200,000 fiber kilometers, it operates the second-largest fixed network in Thuringia, right after Deutsche Telekom. In addition to monitoring and controlling Thuringia’s electricity and gas networks, this powerful infrastructure is used for fast data transmission by major internet providers, Thuringian universities, and businesses. Thüringer Netkom also offers broadband connections of up to one gigabit per second for private and residential customers.

Enhanced fiber optic infrastructure boosts connectivity in Sömmerda region

The funded expansion of fiber optics in parts of the Sömmerda district is a groundbreaking achievement for the region. With the new fiber optic connections, customers now have access to a fast and reliable internet connection. This not only allows for seamless browsing on the World Wide Web, but also offers countless opportunities for businesses, schools, and households. The high bandwidth opens up new perspectives for digital applications and innovations, making a significant contribution to the digital development of the district and enhancing the region’s competitiveness.

The funded expansion of fiber optic infrastructure in the district of Sömmerda brings numerous benefits. Customers can now enjoy faster and more reliable internet connections, enabling them to explore new possibilities and opportunities online. Businesses have the opportunity to optimize their digital processes and offer innovative services. Schools gain access to modern educational resources, creating a contemporary learning environment for students. Overall, this expansion strengthens the region’s competitiveness and promotes digital development.

The subsidized expansion of fiber-optic infrastructure in parts of the Sömmerda district represents a significant improvement in the region’s infrastructure. The fast and reliable internet connection provides customers with new digital opportunities and promotes the economic and social development of the area. This development marks a major milestone towards a modern and future-proof communication infrastructure.

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