Solectrix showcases latest embedded system products at embedded world 2024


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Introducing sinaSCOPE Mobile: Portable 3D Microscopy Platform

The sinaSCOPE Mobile is the latest product variant of Solectrix’s digital 3D microscopy platform. It combines the advantages of sinaSCOPE in a portable form, featuring an Acer Aspire 3D 15 SpatialLabs(TM) Edition laptop with a 4K UHD display for glasses-free 3D. Compared to the stationary sinaSCOPE Professional product line with a separate 3D monitor, the Mobile model offers a lighter and more compact alternative. With its free head movement, the system enables ergonomic work and prevents fatigue and decreased concentration over extended periods.

SXVPU: A Robust Image Processing Platform for Embedded-Vision Applications

The SXVPU (Smart eXtensible Vision Processing Unit) is a robust image processing platform for embedded vision applications in industrial vehicle technology. It efficiently handles high-resolution video streams up to 4K in real-time, tackling challenges such as object detection and machine learning integration. With its specialized hardware architecture and support for multiple cameras and sensors, the SXVPU can use precise image data directly from the sensor and process it efficiently using AI or conventional algorithms. Its low latency makes it ideal for safety-critical applications in mobile automation.

Effortless Calibration of Image-Based Systems with SXIVE Calibration SDK

The SXIVE Calibration SDK is an extension of the SXIVE Rapid Imaging Prototyping System that enables effortless calibration of image-based systems. It offers image corrections for color, lens distortion, and vignetting to produce a flawless image. The calibration process is simplified and intuitive, accessible to users of all expertise levels. The SDK is compatible with a wide range of image sensors and provides C++ library integration for a customized approach. It can also be used with other existing ISPs.

Solectrix unveils new camera adapters and mobile device kit at embedded world 2024

At embedded world 2024, Solectrix showcases new additions to the proFRAME product range, including camera adapters for GVIF3 and CSI-2. The SX Mobile Device Kit will also be introduced, providing an easy development platform for medical mobile devices. Additionally, System-on-Module boards from the SXoM product line will be presented, offering versatile embedded solutions. Explore Solectrix’s booth at the event to discover these innovative offerings and learn about the latest advancements in embedded technology. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the future of embedded systems firsthand.

Experience the Latest Embedded-System Products at Solectrix’s Stand 152

Visit Solectrix at booth 152 in Hall 4A at embedded world 2024 to explore the latest embedded system products and experience Solectrix’s expertise in digital imaging. The showcased products offer advantages such as ergonomic workstations, efficient image processing capabilities, and easy calibration. Don’t miss this opportunity to see firsthand how Solectrix’s solutions can enhance your embedded computing projects.

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