Sophos integrates security solutions for enhanced protection in Google Workspace


The increasing digitization of work enables employees to work from various locations, such as cafes, airports, or home offices. While this flexibility and independence offer many benefits, it also introduces security challenges. To address this, Sophos has integrated its security solutions into Google Workspace, providing protection for software services, servers, systems, and information. This integration ensures that the security needs of remote workers are met, allowing them to work confidently and securely from any location.

Sophos enhances Google Workspace security with integrated solutions

Sophos has integrated its proven solutions into Google Workspace to protect critical productivity tools and data from sophisticated attacks. While Google Workspace already provides integrated security controls, investigating and validating data, as well as responding to threats, can be challenging for security teams with limited resources. This is where Sophos’ Extended Detection and Response (XDR) and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services come into play.

Enhancing Security in Google Workspace with Integrated Sophos Solutions

The integration of Sophos allows for the collection and correlation of relevant security and telemetry data from the Google Workspace productivity suite. This enables MDR analysts to gain crucial insights to detect and prevent threats at an early stage. The MDR service provides round-the-clock security monitoring, filters out redundant alarms, and investigates threats within the Google Workspace environment, such as unauthorized access to Google accounts or malicious email activities.

Enhanced Security: Sophos XDR now integrates with Google Workspace

Companies that are already using Sophos XDR for internal investigations and responses can now integrate telemetry for Google Workspace. This integration allows for the detection of potentially malicious activities such as suspicious logins, activities with protected user accounts, or abnormal changes to administrator settings, and correlates them with threat alerts from other sources. By combining these capabilities, organizations can enhance their overall security posture and proactively defend against potential threats in their Google Workspace environment.

Sophos offers free integration of MDR and XDR solutions

Sophos offers seamless integration of its MDR and XDR solutions with various technologies and third-party vendors. This includes popular productivity tools such as Microsoft 365 and now Google Workspace. The best part is that this integration is available to all new and existing MDR and XDR customers at no additional cost. This allows businesses to enhance their security capabilities without incurring any extra expenses.

Sophos integrates proven security solutions into Google Workspace

The integration of Sophos’ proven security solutions into Google Workspace provides companies with an additional layer of protection for their critical productivity tools and data. By consolidating relevant security and telemetry data, threats can be detected and thwarted early on. This integration is straightforward and cost-effective, and is available to all MDR and XDR customers. Sophos is taking another step towards comprehensive security in a cloud-based and collaborative work environment.

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