SPS 2021: Hybrid trade fair on the future of digitization


The Stuttgart-based company Mesago is organizing the SPS 2021 trade fair in Nuremberg in cooperation with the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) and the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (ZVEI). (VDMA) and the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (ZVEI) is organizing the SPS 2021 trade fair in Nuremberg from 23. 11. to 25. 11.2021. The attendance fair offers top-class presentations on the future of digitalization with space for personal encounters and professional exchange. For all those who cannot be on site, there is the possibility to attend the event via the platform “SPS on Air” by means of a hybrid ticket.

SPS 2021 on Air: The Future of IoT and AI

One of the highlights of this year’s SPS trade fair promises to be the appearance of former Google Germany boss Christian Baudis. The digital entrepreneur will talk about how production will continue to develop in the future through digital technology.

The core of his presentation is the thesis that the future of optimizing industrial production will lie less in the further development of automation and more in the processing of data. Today, production values captured by sensors are increasingly transferred via the Internet to artificial intelligence (AI)-powered platforms, where they can be analyzed and played out in real time. This generated information can be used to identify and even forecast manufacturing problems faster than ever before. Those who keep up with this progress have the chance to achieve market leadership in their segment. Those who refuse to follow the trend will sooner or later risk their economic foundation.

Beyond the field of data processing, the Futurist will also address related areas such as cybersecurity, robotics and sensor technology, illustrating them with successful transformation examples.

SPS 2021 on Air: Artificial intelligence versus human brain

The second highlight of the SPS events is to be the lecture by neuroscientist Dr. Henning Beck. The bestselling author will discuss the expected singularity of AI, which could surpass human thinking power, and what consequences this will entail. To this end, he presents, on the one hand, the deficient, but precisely for this reason highly creative structure of the humanoid brain. On the other hand, he presents solutions for a coexistence of both forms of intelligence in the modern working world. The speaker is convinced that only a well-considered use of machine-intelligent applications can profitably optimize human potentials. In doing so, he presents the fundamental differences and synergy potentials between digital and analog thought structures.

SPS 2021: Machine data 4.0, sustainable factories, raw material shortage

The two co-hosts VDMA and ZVEI will complement the SPS 2021 trade fair program with some interesting contributions. A panel discussion will address the question of how a partnership-based use of machine-generated data can contribute to a joint increase in value. The public discussion “DC-System Concept for sustainable Factories” will delve into the topic of how technical innovations can contribute to the development of sustainable solutions for climate protection, a topic that is becoming increasingly important for more and more industrial sectors. The related question of how to cope with the growing shortage of raw materials can also be discussed broadly and publicly with interested parties.

SP S2021: Other key topics

In addition, the Nuremberg exhibition offers a wide range of in-depth information on contemporary topics such as the digital transformation of Industry 4.0 , industrial communication, new logistics models, the integration of robots, safety aspects, data-driven and intelligent forms of control and visualization, as well as application studies (use cases) for artificial intelligence.

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