Smart M-Bus Data Manager suitable for different application scenarios


The Smart M-Bus Datamanager from STV Electronic is a web-based data hub that enables the efficient acquisition of consumption data from distributed M-Bus meters. By using IP-based level converters, the data is acquired and can be provided on-premises on the integrated web server or sent as a CSV file via e-mail. This solution is particularly suitable for consumption data acquisition in ISO-compliant energy management systems as well as for the billing of consumptions acquired by means of submeters.

Efficient use of meter data with Smart M-Bus

In addition to consumption data collection, the Smart M-Bus Datamanager offers various other applications. These include real-time load profile visualization and control of cloud-native systems. The optional support for protocols such as OPC-UA or MQTT, as well as REST API interfaces, makes the integration of meter data into energy management and control systems particularly convenient.

Smart M-Bus Datamanager suitable for various industries and properties

The Smart M-Bus Datamanager enables precise recording of consumption data at specific points in time. With the user-friendly web GUI, the intervals of consumption data acquisition, data dispatch dates and the assignment of submeters can be customized. Electrical contractors can also easily install the system. By integrating with Ethernet network infrastructures, the Datamanager can be controlled and configured remotely via the embedded web server. Automatic detection of M-Bus meters is performed via STV Electronic’s IP-based M-Bus level converters.

Smart M-Bus Datamanager: Efficient management of consumption data

Smart M-Bus Datamanager is a powerful solution that allows to manage up to. M-Bus standard loads in real time. This technology is particularly relevant for industries such as steel, aluminum, glass, ceramics, paper and plastics production, as well as the chemical and petroleum industries.

From small business to large industry: The Smart M-Bus Datamanager adapts to all

The Smart M-Bus Datamanager from STV Electronic offers a modern solution for consumption data acquisition from M-Bus meters. By using IP-based level converters, the data is acquired efficiently and provided as needed via the integrated web server. Companies and institutions of all sizes can benefit from the versatile application possibilities and the easy handling of this technology.

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