STV Electronic: MBus gateways for the BACnet community


STV Electronic, an application developer for networked measurement, presents its MBus gateway solutions to the BACnet community. With the web-based technology, integration into existing systems is to be decisively facilitated.

Industrial IoT with STV Electronic

STV-Electronic is a medium-sized company for intelligent hardware and software development. It designs and produces platforms tailored to customer needs that enable automation in real estate, industrial plants and private areas. The focus of its services is on industrial drive and control technology, communication and networking. They can be used to smartly maintain, control and optimize manufacturing processes. The company uses industrial standards, cross-segment information technology and open protocols that guarantee users maximum security and insight. The company also understands quality management through data analysis and image processing, which has been common practice in robotics since 1993.

STV: Making robots see

For robotic systems to do their job adequately, the programming and implementation of highly complex components is essential. Whether in the production process or in adjustment, these machines depend on optimized motion sequences to provide beneficial performance. STV supplied the necessary components for image acquisition and value processing. From machine controls, measuring systems and data analysis to the mathematical principles of the technology used, everything comes from a single source.#

MBus gateway: simple web server integration

Mbus gateways are used, among other things, for recording electricity meter readings. They thus make a significant contribution to the management of buildings. The STV Electronic developments are characterized above all by their comparatively simple installation. They can be installed on laptops as well as on tablets and smartphones without the need for additional software. Setup takes place via the web browser and then offers a wide range of possible applications. For example, the Arm Cortex-M4 processor-based microserver can be used not only to evaluate the values of the recorded meters in the browser. It can also be used to control edge and cloud servers and to run Yabe applications. In addition to the determination of consumption values and their billing via implanted energy management systems, complete Industry 4.0 and Industry IoT facilities can also be realized with this.

Saving energy with MBus gateways

STV Electronic sees strategic advantages above all in its latest product. In times when energy optimization for climate protection is increasingly demanded, the provision of MBus gateways for networked building systems is a noteworthy advance. The associated standardized BACnet network protocol creates the basis for automation not only in industrial plants, commercial facilities, residential and office buildings. According to independent studies, with 60 percent coverage in the intelligent building management sector, it also leaves its competitors in ModBus, LonWorks and KNX far behind. One reason for this is likely to be the significant increase in the simplified use of smart meter technology for analysis.

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