Supermicro expands product lines to include all-flash servers with EDSFF E3.S and E1.S storage drives


Supermicro’s new Petascale-class all-flash NVMe server family supports the next-generation EDSFF form factor and delivers high performance and density for cloud, AI/ML, storage and 5G/Edge. The systems can accommodate 16 or 32 PCIe Gen5 NVMe drive bays, providing a revolutionary solution for high-performance computing applications.

Supermicro: E1.S and E3.s form factors supported

Supermicro now offers a 2U 32-bay rackmount system that supports up to a full petabyte of storage. Customers can use this system on Intel and AMD PCIe Gen5 platforms to take advantage in a variety of application-optimised servers that support the E1.S or E3.S form factor.

EDSFF (Enterprise and Datacenter Standard Form Factor) is an industry standard developed by SNIA to define the form factor, interface and specifications for data centre storage devices. EDSFF storage devices are available in various capacities and performance classes and use the NVMe protocol to offer greater scalability and maintainability. The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) continues to manage the EDSFF standard.

With Supermicro’s new storage system, which offers one petabyte of storage capacity in a standard rackmount system, the company continues to meet the needs of its users with innovative solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s workloads. The system provides quick and easy access to enormous amounts of data and is particularly compact and energy-efficient. It offers users the lowest latency and highest bandwidth in the industry and enables customers to gain insights using advanced AI technologies. Supermicro’s building block architecture enables it to bring the latest technologies to market faster and offer advanced systems as part of total solutions for IT rack-scale offerings.

Supermicro Petascale All-Flash Servers Increase Data Processing Speed

The rapid evolution of CPU, GPU and memory technologies requires continuous improvement in memory performance to avoid bottlenecks that could impact overall system performance. Supermicro’s Petascale all-flash servers offer industry-leading memory capacity and performance, allowing customers to reduce their number of rackmount systems to meet their hot and warm storage needs, lowering their overall costs.

The AMD-based fourth generation systems offer tremendous performance with up to 4 EPYC? processors offering up to 350W TDP. These systems are also equipped with up to 24 DDR5-4800MHz DIMMs, offering an impressive total memory capacity. With these powerful features, these systems are ideal for compute-intensive applications that have massive I/O and in-memory requirements.

Supermicro’s two additional PCIe Gen5 x16 AIOM slots provide enhanced flexibility and plug-in compatibility with a wide range of network cards. Together with the symmetrical NUMA balance architecture and even airflow across the entire system, they increase system efficiency and improve operational efficiency.

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